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Mar 7, 2008 03:05 PM

Wayno's (Santa Rosa)

Driving south of Todd Ave on a less than glamorous stretch of Santa Rosa Ave... I was on the lookout for distintive places... and came across Wayno's Coffee.. and stopped for a cup... noticing they had a Santa Maria style grill out front adjacent to the sidewalk... a couple of cheeseburgers on the grill smelled very good.

I find out they do Santa Maria style Tri-Tip & Chicken sandwiches everday (about $7), and Cheeseburger Fridays... I spotted some seated guests passionately discussing Wayno's as such a hidden gem that is getting popular solely on word of mouth... too bad I wasn't hungry.

Coffee (Single Source Sumatra) was good... certainly better than Starbucks... so its worth patronizing this establishment on the merits of the Coffee alone.

But I have to tell you... this place has so much character... in a way that is sorely missing in our beloved, but dazed & confused Petty Burgeosie meets Anti-Shaving Hippie town. Its kind of messy & disorganized, with hundreds of old Rock & Roll 33's... and I think I spotted a turntable to check them out... a great patio with hippie artwork & mismatched furniture that can best be described as a Trailer Park patio.

This place really looks the part... like some rural dive in the deep south. Only, how many Southern BBQ dives really offer espresso based drinks & quiche?

I hope the food is as good as the vibe.... oh yeah the owner is extremely friendly. I hope to report about the food soon. Anybody been yet?

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  1. Love the whole name ... any plants or anyone named Audry there?

    Wayno's Little Shop of Coffee
    3444 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

    1. looks like some 'Hounds will be checking out Wayno's on Wednessday... check out the NBChowdown group on Yahoo for more info.

      1. Cynsa, Weary but Bashful and I made it to Wayno's for lunch today. Found out that they had plenty of Tri Tip leftover from yesterday so they didn't grill today... they normally try to do so Monday, Wednessday & Friday so FYI.

        The Sandwich

        > Bread was soft white roll, preserved... mainstream style like you would buy at a Supermarket

        > The Tri Tip was shredded, quite tender and a little bit saucy (a slightly sweet Horseradish BBQ sauce)

        > Toppings included Romaine, Tomatoes, Onions, Mayo & Cheese (I opted out of the cheese myself)

        Overall, it was very pleasant tasting, the BBQ sauce wasn't cloyingly sweet as most in California. The sandwich was not sublime... or mindblowing in any way.... it lacked smokiness and other contrasts but it tasted good, and was very comforting.... it was one big, slightly gooey, balanced melding of comforting flavors. Not the stuff you would write home about.... like I said no real smokiness or artisan breads etc., but when I think back to all the Santa Maria style sandwiches I've had (including at some of the highly touted places in the Santa Barbara / Santa Maria areas)... this is one of the best.... and also I can't remember having any sandwich in Santa Rosa better than this.

        I will definitely go back again.

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          I forget to mention that Wayne was handing out baskets of complimentary, hand sliced Garlic Potato Chips (he is currently just experimenting with a small fryer he just bought)... they were quite good if undersalted... and screamed out for a some dabs of Tapatio that I spotted too late.

          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Just adding that we got the potato chips because another customer came over to show us his and advised us to get some. (and they were great, salty enough for me.) It seems to be a place that quickly develops regulars, and people talk to each other-- sort of "Cheers" with meat.
            I will have to get back there when they are grilling. My beef had a very slight left-over taste, and I'd like to try it at its best.

            1. re: wearybashful

              I'd go back for Friday's burger on a sunny afternoon on the back patio.

          2. re: Eat_Nopal

            5000 vinyls (records) to play; The Moody Blues after Buddy Holly... if you request it, I don't doubt that you'll find it there— and, a good, big sandwich for $6.50 comes with a heaping serving of friendliness. You won't walk out the door of Wayno's a stranger.
            On Fridays, Wayne starts with 20 lbs. of freshly ground beef and grills up burgers to order until it's gone. Can't you just feel the heat of that Grill?
            From Hwy 101, exit at Todd Road and drive north on Santa Rosa Avenue. Wayno's will be on your right (the east side of the road)

            (the photo did not upload?)