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Mar 7, 2008 12:58 PM

Perfect Team Corporation aka Guang Zhou Jiu Jia

I ate dim sum with my cousin today in Flushing at Perfect Team Corporation aka Guang Zhou Jiu Jia in chinese. It's about a block off Main on 37th next to some korean places on the 2nd floor across the street from the parking alot. It's a fairly large banquet style dining room that looks similar to the dining room at Ocean Jewel although not as big. The room was probably 70% full. Their dim sum is served on carts, but the service is pretty good since they only have maybe 5-6 carts that are pretty efficient at stopping by your table alot (i.e. its not one of those places where u have to wait forever for the cart you want to stop by). The selection of dim sum is not massive, but they have all the standards plus some extras.

On to the important part, the food, I thought this place was very solid, all of the dim sum was well made and fresh. It's on par with Ocean Jewel and Gala Manor although I think the quality of the dim sum was more consistent due to the fact that they don't have a million dim sum items...i think this is a good thing b/c they have everything you want, but its all done well and very fresh (most of it tasted like it was just made). Fyi, we were about 12:15

- Shrimp dumplings (ha gow) - great shrimp filling, shrimp tasted fresh and had been de-veined. The skin was not too thick and not too chewy either. These were very good
- Pork dumplings (siu mai / shao mai) - these were also solid, good pork filling, shrimp on top and sking was nice
- Baked pork buns (cha siu / cha shao bao) - very good, small buns, filling was excellent and not too sweet and didn't have any weird meat (i.e. stuff you can't bite through), bread was thin, but fresh and tasty...very happy with these
- Beef rice roll (niu rou cheung fan) - these were just okay, the rice dough itself was fine, but the beef should've been more finely minced, it was too chunky
- Fried daikon cake (lo bat go / luo buo gao) - these were good, the daikon was finely minced which i like, i hate when its too chunky. The flavor was good and the pieces of ham were tasty. The only thing is that I wish they would've fried it more (i like when its more crispy on the outside
- Shrimp and chive dumplings (don't know what they were called in chinese) - lady was recommending them so I tried them. It was interesting, but generally good. The filling was excellent a mixture of chives and shrimp, which was tasty. The wrapper was that clear glutinous dough except they had mixed in chives into it so it was green. I think that I generally think these glutinous wrappers just aren't my favorite, but this one wasn't bad although still not my favorite.
- Steamed custard buns (don't know what they were called in chinese) - these were steamed white buns with a thick egg custard type filling (the lady explained what the filling was, but i only understood part of it). These were very good, not too sweet and good texture.
- Pork spare ribs (pai kuat) - these were very tasty, the sauce was nice although could've been more spicy i like it better when there are green chilis in the sauce. The meat was tender although it was a bit fatty than usually

I wish I could've eaten more, but I was full. I think this place is well worth trying and that it's definitely a contender among the best dim sum places in flushing (although I haven't tried the new Jade Asian or Tung Yi Fung yet).

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  1. I'm glad someone made it to this place. I noted it in a post in July, 2007 but the post got very little traction and I haven't made the time to get back there. I will now thanks Lau.

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    1. re: toby1355

      yeah it was a pleasant surprise as the reports on this place have been pretty sparse

      btw the service is surprisingly good for a dim sum hall

      1. re: toby1355

        Appreciate the reports. This place came up in a recent Chow Digest item ...

      2. Posted 3/1/08 on another thread (my link didnt work):

        "5 of us went to Perfect Team Corp. (aka Guang Zhou) today and the dim sum was definitely above average. I'd rate it above almost all others except World Tong in Brooklyn. Everything was fresh but the selection, although quite extensive, was limited in that it was all very traditional. None of the innovative fare you'd find at WT nor any of the more "out of the ordinary" offerings. I'd go back there easily but, if you have a choice, hit World Tong".

        1. I'm so glad that someone finally started a thread for Guang Zhou restaurant aka Perfect Team Corporation. This place remains my favorite dim sum spot in Flushing (I don't go to the Chinatown in Manhattan or Brooklyn often enough to try out their dim sum). Here are a few of the dim sum dishes from Guang Zhou that I really like:

          - steamed fish balls (very tasty and good texture)
          - steamed chicken buns (real pieces of chicken and mushroom, and "didn't have any weird meat (i.e. stuff you can't bite through)" (quoted from Lau's comment on baked pork buns)
          - pan-fried shrimp and chive dumplings - round shape (my personal favorite among all dim sum items)
          - shrimp rice roll (ha cheung fan)
          - Ja-leung (rice noodle wrapped around chinese fried donut - definitely comfort food for me since childhood)
          - many of their steamed dumplings are also good.

          Since custard buns were mentioned in the original post, let me point out that Guang Zhou actually has two types of custard buns:
          One is called Nai Wong Bao, which is the regular steamed egg custard bun.
          Their signature dish, however, is Lau Sa Bao, which is a much richer version of the regular egg custard bun. Try it out if you have a sweet tooth.

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          1. re: cacaoonli

            yeah the lady was trying to upsell me on the steamed chicken buns, but i was too full by then and i didn't see the zha liang until i was already full (one of my all time favorite dim sum items)

            i'm pretty sure mine were the nai wong bao, i think i know what the other bao you're talking about is and this wasn't it...tasty nonetheless

            1. re: Brian S

              good question, i would like to try gut would say that its probably very good, execution seemed to be good at this restaurant

              1. re: Brian S

                I've only been there for dinner and it's quite good.

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  Yeah, it is. If I had to rank them, I'd say

                  1) Ocean Jewels
                  2) Jade Asian
                  3) Perfect Team Corporation aka Canton Restaurant

                  And somewhere in there is the much-neglected Corner 28.

                  1. re: Brian S

                    Corner 28 is a favorite takeout. 4 items, soup & bottle of water for $4.50. You just can't beat it the price. The food is excellent. Upstairs has a good view of Main St. but the menu is beyond extensive. Far too many ways to order the same food item. The only complaint I have is the wait. If it's crowded the wait is even longer. The food comes from the kitchen downstairs [they use a dumbwaiter to bring up the food].

              2. Thanks for the review, Lau! Are there Chinese places that don't devein the shrimp? Yich.

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                1. re: cimui

                  there are alot especially in dishes like dumplings where you can hide them...although i think it might be a cultural thing b/c i think there are a good # of chinese people could probably care less (truth be told while i'd much prefer it to be done, it won't stop me from eating a dish)

                  1. re: Lau

                    I'm just a little surprised because I know my Chinese relatives find non-deveined shrimp horrifying.

                    1. re: cimui

                      i hear you, there are definitely chinese people who would care, but i do think there are a good amt that dont and definitely more so than the general american population

                      like i said, id always prefer if they were, but it wont stop me from eating a great dish