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Mar 7, 2008 12:47 PM

Fells Point/Canton wine bar recs

I am trying to narrow down a good restaurant that has a decent wine by the glass selection with food entrees at reasonable prices (15-25 range). Must be in Canton or Fells Point. Although I am considering Three, I just don't know what their wine selection looks like. Does anyone know?

Pazo is out because this group has been there before and we want to try something new.

Prefer not to go to Helens because we have also been there before (love it), but if nothing else will work we will probably go here because it pretty much fits what I am asking for.

Any places I am missing? This is for a Saturday night dinner at 5pm. Any type of food is fine.


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  1. Check out Chesapeake Wine Co. I go their for my wines most of the time. Their Food is really good and their staff is incredibly helpful. If you know where Helen's Garden is at, then this is right down the street. Enjoy!

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      While I love Chesapeake Wine Co's wine & especially their tasting options...I don't think that their food menu is extensive at all. Pretty much just noshing food (cheese, antipasto, olives), with the exception of the pizza.

      I personally like Jack's Bistro (doesn't take rez), Mama's on the Half shell or even Alexander's in Fells. ( - E.Large's review

    2. I seconded Jack's Bistro. Although they don't take reservations you can call ahead and put your name on the list

      1. From memory, Annabelle Lee Tavern has a decent wine selection but depending on the number in your party, you're best to call ahead and I'm not sure if they take reso's (410) 522 2929. They have a menu online and they also have nightly specials, which are generally a little more substantial in size. Love the food, good crew.