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Mar 7, 2008 12:41 PM

Cupcakes in the New Orleans area

So there are cupcakeries popping up all over the country, but very few to none here. Does anyone know of a cupcakery in New Orleans and the surrounding areas (I know Pralines by Jean on St. Charles has them)? How about places that have cupcakes in addition to other dessert items?

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  1. This is kind of an odd inquiry.

    The New Orleans Cake Cafe and Bakery opened not too long ago at Chartres & Spain in Marigny. In addition to outstanding cupcakes, they also do a wide variety of special event cakes which can be prepared as cupcakes. They also offer terrific breakfast and lunch entrees.

    We eat there on a regular basis.

    1. I remember reading very recently, perhaps in the T-P, about a new cupcake bakery opening in the Riverbend, but I can't find any reference to it at Maybe someone else will know details.

      1. Sucre usually has cupcakes.

        1. A new cupcake joint opened in Kenner, West Esplanade at Chateau. I wish I understood the whole cupcake thing---I saw tiny badly decorated cupcakes at Whole Foods this weekend for $2 each. Three cents' worth of ingredients, at most. Easy enough for a six-year old to make unassisted, with a silly sky-high curl of garish buttercream. Probably more calories in ONE overly iced cupcake than in a comparable modest slice of layer cake, thanks to that turd-swirl of buttercream. Yes, I said turd swirl.

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            How I second the beffudlement. Whilst temporarily transplanted to New York, I could not get over the cupcake to-do. People, I exaggerate not a bit, standing in half-block long lines to purchase four and five dollar designer cupcakes, which, out of sheer disbelieving curiosity I tried. Just an overly-frosted, sickeningly sweet cupcake...semi-stale to boot. "You've got to be kidding me," I was heard to say quite loudly. Perhaps turning on the oven is that much a novelty in the average New Yorker's life. Isn't the cupcake what your mom sent you to school with when she didn't want to spring for a birthday cake for your class?...

            1. re: swampsue

              For me personally, cupcakes are cute. That's why I'm drawn to them. They are also better for 1-3 people instead of a whole cake! Helps the diet!

              1. re: swampsue


                Sounds just like the confections that have been proliferating around Phoenix. Guess that it's all in the marketing... BTW, if ever in PHX, please skip the cupcakes, you've been there - done that, and once is enough.


                1. re: swampsue

                  I spent two days, in incredible heat (even for NOLA), at the recent Big Apple BBQ watching New Yorkers calmly line up and wait a minimum of an hour and a half for 5 hushpuppies. Now, I was cooking them, but, still, I don't think they were worth they wait. I guess they just like standing in line, no matter what's at the other end of it.

                  And cupcakes? Feh. I don't get it and have always been fascinated by the whole furor surrounding them. I'm not waiting in line for any. Too much other good stuff to eat in this world.

                  1. re: Hadacol

                    I am from New York and I think Hadacol is on to it -- I think standing in a long line is just not that big of a deal to New Yorkers because we stand in long lines for everything. But you should also assume that any line in New York is at least 2/3 tourists, who will sometimes wait for novelty or just the experience regardless of the actual quality of the product ("I waited 3 hours for a cupcake from the famous magnolia bakery...")

                2. re: Hungry Celeste


                  I'm with you on this one. The fad hit Phoenix about a year and a half ago, and the CH reviews were scathing. None of them "got it" either. I've been the "lucky" (?) recipeint of several deliveries of these from several bakeries and still wonder, "what's the deal?"

                  New Olreans has so many great bakeries and dishes that are so much better, that I would think it would be the last place on Earth, to go with this. Even with McKenzie's gone (but not forgotten), there are dozens of great mom-n-pop spots. Next thing you know, Krispty-Kreme will be coming to town, if it has not already.


                3. It's taken off in NYC b/c they're small, mobile treats. You don't need a a fork/spoon and napkin/plate to eat them. Especially when it comes to birthday parties in bars - those little suckers come in handy.