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Dinner on Solano Avenue/Berkeley?

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Would like to get recommendations for DInner tomorrow someplace on Solano Avenue.

We've tried Rivolli already. Thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. Can you be more specific? Type of food, price range, etc???

    1. Ajanta is my favorite restaurant on Solano.


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      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        Vanessa's is my first choice.

      2. Open to any type of food. Price not an issue, very open to all different types: Asian, other ethnic, seafood,

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        1. re: doxxie lover

          China Village has very good Szechuan Chinese food if you like spicy stuff. Definitely recommended.

        2. You might look into Fonda, Mexican/Latin small plates. It gets good reviews and is consistent. The duck tacos are great.

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            Here's the link w/ info.

            1501 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94707

            1. re: ML8000

              This would be my 2d choice

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              I had lunch at Fonda last week and found it to be just mediocre, especially for the price. Of course I'll give it another chance, but I think there are much better places on Solano Ave.

              1. re: chemchef

                Just curious, what did you order?

                1. re: ML8000

                  I had the Tostaditas de carnitas with guacamole and chipotle salsa and a limeade that was so strong I had to pour half of my water in it to make it drinkable.

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                    Yeah, those tostaditas aren't one of the better selections on the menu. If going for lunch ... the Torta Alambre: Grilled skirt steak and bacon with black beans, cheese and rajas ... is outstanding.

                    Other items to avoid are the tortillas and the tamale. I have no clue why they keep that overpriced tortilla on the menu.

                    I like the peanuts (sometimes pumpkin seeds) quite a lot. The best deals are after 9 pm when they have low cost drinks and plates ... well, low cost for Fonda. Usualy the seasonal short-term dishes are good. I see for dinner they have Vuelve a la vida. I might get over there since I think I might be interested in seafood cocktails this year.

            3. Morton - Thanks for the tip for Vanessa's. I checked out their website and we're sold! Sounds great. Looking forward to it tomorrow.

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              1. re: doxxie lover

                The shaking beef salad and mango noodles with jumbo shrimp are both very good.