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Mar 7, 2008 12:19 PM

Henry Hong and the Baltimore CP (moved from Washington/Baltimore)

Is anyone else loving this guy and his food writing? First his article on the F word (can I still say foie gras on CH?): where to buy it cheap locally and how to cook it. I didn't even know Fells Point Wholesale Meats sold retail! This is the business of Eric, the wonderful butcher who was in the Broadway Market several years ago.
Now, there's his exhaustive dissertation on crabmeat and crabcakes which hon linked on the Best Crabcake thread below. He's already my favorite local food writer.

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  1. My EXACT thoughts as I read the crab cake piece this morning. Is he new?

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      1. re: ko1

        He's been around for a little while. They've apparently scaled back the reviews to every other week, and he's been doing food articles on the off weeks.

        This morning I sent CP a letter to the editor suggesting that they replace the current (and horrible beyond belief) reviewer with Hong ASAP. I wonder if they'll print it -- I'd guess so, since they're pretty good about printing critical stuff.

      1. Folks, we've moved the digression about Fell's Point Meats back to the Washington/Baltimore board. That topic can be found here:

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        1. I discovered Henry Hong's BCP writing here on Chow. I never read the Baltimore City Paper; I don't live there. His entertaining, analytical style reminds me of David Foster Wallace. I hope he gets to publish a "proper" restaurant review. He must love the BCP or Baltimore; otherwise, why would he not blog freely and allow his writing to be straitjacketed by the newsroom/editorial politics of some little local paper. I say we take up a collection to buy the dinner that will elicit a review from him.

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          1. re: Minger

            That's a good point. I Googled him looking for a blog, but couldn't find anything. I would love for him to take over the reviewing duties at CP.

            CP's review section has been more than respectable in the past. Michelle Gienow was sharp and tended to review cool places even -- or especially -- if they were little hole-in-the-wall joints. I got more great chow tips from her than anyone else. Prior to that, Susan Fradkin did a credible job.

            But the current reviewer is awful, and they've kept him on the beat since 2002. I've been complaining about him since he started. It's in no way personal, since I've never met him. He's just a really bad writer. Henry Hong needs to take over and rehabilitate CP's restaurant reviewing, the sooner the better.

            There's a lot to love about Baltimore. And with the exception of the dining reviews, I like CP -- I read it every week without fail.

            1. re: JonParker

              Way down in the crabcake comments he mentions getting a blog set up.

              1. re: JonParker

                Jon, you're right about Michelle Gienow. I did like a lot of her stuff, not brilliant but solid.

            2. Small comical factoid: Henry is the son of Suzy Hong (i.e. Suzy's Soba)