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Mar 16, 2002 05:23 PM

HELP! Need to take Grandma to Breakfast in Pasadena!

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Hurry! I need recommendations to take my feisty 80 year-old Grandma to her Birthday Breakfast in the Pasadena area. I've had recommendations to Marsten's, but is this a good place? Any help out there? Thanks!!

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  1. Unless you want to spring for brunch at Parkway Grill or the Ritz Carlton (how much can an 80 year old eat anyway?), I'd say Marsten's is fine. Another cheaper than the brunches alternative (but you may have to wait for a table) is Green Street East on Shopper's Lane (behind Lake).

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      To be very blunt, I cannot imagine taking my own grandmother anywhere BUT the Ritz Carlton. Not because she's snobby -- just because she's not really into "food," as much as ambience, something that the Ritz has in spades. I've never tried the brunch, but I've been there for pretty much else. Yes, it is expensive, but it's still breakfast/'re not going to do (too) much damage.

      One other vote (but again, check opening hours): Julienne in San Marino. Very pretty (though nothing like the expansive grounds of Ritz), very "ladies who lunch" atmosphere with great food.

      2649 Mission St. (bet. El Molino & Los Robles Aves.) San Marino, CA, 91108-1639 (626) 441-2299

      (Plus, I've heard awful things about the wait at Marston's and I'm not sure if they're open on Sunday's...double-check...)

    2. Haven't been there is a while, but the Hilton on Los Robles had a good brunch at a not unreasonable price - all the usual suspects, including an omlet bar, infinite pancakes, smoked salmon, many dinner type courses. Especially suited for families and grandmas.
      For significantly more $, The Oaks at the Doubletree, Los Robles near Union, has better quality and, unnecessarily, even more.