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Mar 16, 2002 03:26 PM

Best Fish 'n Chips in LA?

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Ideas? I usually go to Tusquellas in the Farmer's Market but am searching for better.

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  1. I have the place! Great food and great pub, darts. Haven't found better anywhere...Robin Hood's British pub on Burbank Blvd just east of Woodman Av.

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      john gonzales

      My favorites

      1. re: johanna

        I agree the fish and chips are good here. Sit n the bar area for an especially authentic British experience (watch out for flying darts). The dining room isn't nearly as interesting.

        1. re: johanna

          If you just want fish and chips, go to Fish King on Glendale Blvd. north of the 134 in Glendale.

          If you require a pint or two of Boddingtons or Tennant's or what have you with it, either Fox & Hounds in Studio City (Ventura near Vineland), or Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica (2nd and Santa Monica Blvd.).

          1. re: PRSMDave

            I was disappointed with Fish King, as theirs is breaded, not battered.

            1. re: duke_of_mildew

              Well, I suppose the original poster, six years ago, didn't specify British-style battered. I like the crunch fish, but that's just me.

            2. re: PRSMDave

              I like the beer and soccer at Fox & Hounds, but the food -- in particular (but not exclusively) the Fish & Chips -- leaves a lot to be desired.

              1. re: soccerandlost

                Really the only good thing about fox and hounds is the number of soccer games they broadcast. If you want to see champions league or other euro games, they are one of the few places in LA to go. Everything else, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks, are pretty meh. They do have an outside area with TVs, which is nice. Back on topic.. definitely not a fish and chips destination.

                1. re: karamazov

                  Exactly. Give me a Boddington and a good game and I'm a happy man. But I'm not ordering any food there...

            3. re: johanna

              Best in the city for fish and chips, most DEFINITELY Robin Hood!

              the Fox and hounds is a "fake english pub".

              Robin Hood is a Real English Pub.

              I also love their steak and kidney pies and the golden sponge cake with warm custard and Lyle's golden syrup. the plooughman's lunch is nice, though simple. the curry pie is great.

              1. re: johanna

                You NAILED IT!!! Robin Hood's is the place for Fish & Chips. It's light and crispy and does not leave that greasy feeling I usually get from other places.


                Keith Gilabert

                1. re: Keith Gilabert

                  Keith, what were the places you got greasy fish and chips? It would be helpful to know so that they can be avoided.

              2. Malibu Fish & Seafood. 25653 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. GREAT fish and chips, spectacular view, VERY reasonable.

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                1. broadway bar and grill in SM - always had quite good fish/chips

                  1. .... Been to King's Head in SM a few times and it's not that good for Fish and Chips... at least not authentic British. None of them are really - but Robin Hood in Studio City isn't bad...

                    1. Love the fish and chips at Library Ale House in Santa Monica.