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Best Fish 'n Chips in LA?

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Ideas? I usually go to Tusquellas in the Farmer's Market but am searching for better.

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  1. I have the place! Great food and great pub, darts. Haven't found better anywhere...Robin Hood's British pub on Burbank Blvd just east of Woodman Av.

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      john gonzales

      My favorites

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        I agree the fish and chips are good here. Sit n the bar area for an especially authentic British experience (watch out for flying darts). The dining room isn't nearly as interesting.

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          If you just want fish and chips, go to Fish King on Glendale Blvd. north of the 134 in Glendale.

          If you require a pint or two of Boddingtons or Tennant's or what have you with it, either Fox & Hounds in Studio City (Ventura near Vineland), or Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica (2nd and Santa Monica Blvd.).

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            I was disappointed with Fish King, as theirs is breaded, not battered.

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              Well, I suppose the original poster, six years ago, didn't specify British-style battered. I like the crunch fish, but that's just me.

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              I like the beer and soccer at Fox & Hounds, but the food -- in particular (but not exclusively) the Fish & Chips -- leaves a lot to be desired.

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                Really the only good thing about fox and hounds is the number of soccer games they broadcast. If you want to see champions league or other euro games, they are one of the few places in LA to go. Everything else, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks, are pretty meh. They do have an outside area with TVs, which is nice. Back on topic.. definitely not a fish and chips destination.

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                  Exactly. Give me a Boddington and a good game and I'm a happy man. But I'm not ordering any food there...

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              Best in the city for fish and chips, most DEFINITELY Robin Hood!

              the Fox and hounds is a "fake english pub".

              Robin Hood is a Real English Pub.

              I also love their steak and kidney pies and the golden sponge cake with warm custard and Lyle's golden syrup. the plooughman's lunch is nice, though simple. the curry pie is great.

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                You NAILED IT!!! Robin Hood's is the place for Fish & Chips. It's light and crispy and does not leave that greasy feeling I usually get from other places.


                Keith Gilabert

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                  Keith, what were the places you got greasy fish and chips? It would be helpful to know so that they can be avoided.

              2. Malibu Fish & Seafood. 25653 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. GREAT fish and chips, spectacular view, VERY reasonable.

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                1. broadway bar and grill in SM - always had quite good fish/chips

                  1. .... Been to King's Head in SM a few times and it's not that good for Fish and Chips... at least not authentic British. None of them are really - but Robin Hood in Studio City isn't bad...

                    1. Love the fish and chips at Library Ale House in Santa Monica.

                      1. if you are on the west side, go to Irish Times on Motor, just north of National before you go under the 10. it's an Irish bar with great and inexpensive bar food. the fish and chips are always great, there's a pool table, and the crown is very unpretentious.

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                            Went to Irish Times for lunch today. The 70's music was too loud but the fish and chips were great!

                          2. My vote is for Robin Hood as well.

                            Fish King in Glendale has good fried fish, they call it crunch fish, and I have certainly eaten my share of it, but it not an authentic "fish and chips" experience. At least not in my book.

                            1. Oh man, I haven't posted anything since the old site, but I had to get a new username/password just for this. Wait for it.... Water Grill (bar menu). No joke, no deconstruction/re-interpretation, just the best fish and chips I have ever had.

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                                Are the prices on Water Grill's bar menu a deal, or are they pricey like the main menu? NOT saying the place is necessarily overpriced, just more than I typically spend . . .

                              2. Brits Pub near PCC in E. Pasadena (on Colorado) by far best I've had in LA...
                                Great fish...


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                                  I need to second Brits. Simply the best Fish and Chips in the area.

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                                    Third Brits. The fish was excellent, light flaky, with a very light batter. The chips were ok, they seemed to have been sitting around for a bit, while the fish was very freshly fried.

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                                      Brit's has been bought out by Lucky Baldwin's. I loved Brit's F&C for the batter, but found the fish often overcooked. Haven't tried the Revised Version yet …

                                      Lucky Baldwins
                                      17 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

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                                        Well, since this thread got bumped, I have to report that I've been to the latest incarnation of Brits (called "Little Britain", perhaps to the astonishment of anyone familiar with the BBC TV series), and was completely disappointed. Lucky Baldwin's fish and chips is much better. LB uses fresher fish, and it's less soggy.

                                        More on Little Britain here:


                                        I love good British pub food (I lived there for 11 years!), but it's definitely not to be found at Little Britain.

                                  1. The best fish and chips I've had in L.A. has been at John O'Groat's on Pico.

                                    I also like the dish at Kate Mantilini's. It's not British style. It has a light batter and seasoned fries. But it's quite tasty.

                                    1. I like the Fish & Chips they serve at Tom Bergin's. I had some at the Framer's Market that were fried in a potato batter that were very good.

                                      1. Haven't tried the other places mentioned -- but like the fresh, batter-fried fish at Village Idiot.

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                                        1. coyote 500 is right, Malibu Fish & Seafood is the best. and its cheap. also it's byob. im always a fan of that

                                          1. Our family loves Brits in Pasadena. The owners are charming, the fish is huge, really fresh and the chef hand cuts it. There's a bar and homey dining room with great service.

                                            1. Taylor's on 8th Street in Korea Town does a great fish and chips. The beer battered sea scallops(when the have them) are also very good. I'm very picky about my fish and chips.

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                                                The Kings Head does not serve authentic fish n chips. Their stuff is crap! The batter tastes like it's made with corn flakes. The prices are also absolutely ridiculous. The best fish n chips are at The Britannia. They're between 3rd and 4th Streets on Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica. Very friendly staff as well. You won't go back to the Kings Head after having their fish!

                                                1. re: misty

                                                  I second the Britannia. Way better fish n chips. Took my English now ex-brother in law to both Britannia and King's Head when he first arrived in LA, He preferrred Britannia for fish n chips and atmosphere, called YOKH touristy but only thing he liked was that he could get his British food products there.

                                              2. Definitely Kings Head in Santa Monica. Always stop there when coming up from OC

                                                1. my no.1 - robin hood's - woodman and Burbank

                                                  no 2 (oddly enough but for real ) the cafe at the Arclight is pretty good.

                                                  1. Would have to vote for Library Ale House on Main Street in Santa Monica.

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                                                      i'm with you on Library Ale House. They were super tasty. Also one of the few places I heard of that do a salmon version. i can't resist the calamari there – nice batter.

                                                    2. Penguin's Fish & Chips on Pico...good stuff.

                                                      Penguin's Fish and Chips
                                                      5952 W Pico Blvd
                                                      Los Angeles, CA 90035
                                                      (323) 933-7661

                                                      1. If you are in the valley you might want to try the Springbok Bar & Grill, I think theirs are excellent and the best I've had in LA by far.

                                                        Springbok Bar & Grill
                                                        16153 Victory Blvd
                                                        Van Nuys, CA 91316
                                                        Phone: (818) 988-9786

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                                                          I just read this and do not agree. We had a group of 8 people there the other nite and 2 of us including myself ordered fish and chips. It was not very good. The fish was not good quality and tasted fishy to both of us and we had to send it back.

                                                        2. i was surprised that THE KITCHEN had pretty good Fish 'n Chips

                                                          4348 Fountain Ave
                                                          Los Angeles, CA 90029-2226

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                                                          1. re: JackonCrack

                                                            Well we finally tried Robin Hoods and I was a bit disapointed. Their batter is bizzare! It reminds me a lot of the Taro Dumplings you get at dimsum, which I actually love, but not on fish and chips. It was just too airy and delicate and it fell apart from the fish and soggy really quick! So my fave is still Ye Olde Kings Head although I wish I could find a place with less thick batter...


                                                            1. re: Dommy

                                                              less thick batter = Brits in pasadena. Also, The York in Highland Park, except the chips they come with are--potato chips. House friend and very good, but I sure didn't expect American "chips."
                                                              The Brits fish is better than The York, but the York is still excellent.

                                                              1. re: Dommy

                                                                That's what I always got in England, too. I love that batter at Robin Hoods!

                                                                This is why the best English fish and chips in England are served in a newspaper cone, and then you douse it all in malt vinegar, and it sort of drips down through the cone....yum.

                                                                Ye Olde King's head is like eating a batter brick, to me. They also turned me off with thier super dry non-battenburg cakes. But besides the cake, they do an pretty OK tea!

                                                                1. re: Dommy

                                                                  I seem to recall an old post about a liquor store in Burbank which just happens to serve awesome fish & chips... it's on Victory around Western/Alameda. Just looked it up:


                                                                  Willie's Fish and Chips
                                                                  Inside the Alameda Market
                                                                  321 W. Alameda Ave. (NW corner of Victory
                                                                  )Burbank, CA 91506
                                                                  (818) 848-1655

                                                                  Since Das Ubergeek has already chimed in on this thread, I wonder if it has since closed?

                                                                  Mr Taster

                                                                  1. re: Mr Taster

                                                                    I haven't been recently, but last I checked it was still up and running...

                                                                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                                      Does the fish at Malibu Seafood on PCH qualify in this 7-year-old discussion? I can't vouch for the chips, but the fish is pretty addictive.

                                                                    2. re: Mr Taster

                                                                      I got F&C at Willie's about a year ago. Pretty damn good, though I was eating in the car (DON'T tell Mrs. O that!) and both the day and the fish were blazing hot. It was okay but it took almost half an hour to get my order …

                                                                  2. re: JackonCrack

                                                                    JackonCrack.... The batter is heaps better at The Britannia just 2 blocks east from Ye Olde Kings Head. Their chips are great as well. Nice and thick. The chef knows what he's doing..... he's from Liverpool!!!

                                                                  3. I hate to ask, but has anyone ever had "A Salt & Battery" in NYC? If so, what place is close to that style here in L.A.?

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                                                                    1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                                                                      I've tried A Salt and Battery and found it poor compared to both London and Los Angeles. I didn't care for it at all.

                                                                    2. I always drive by a place in a mini mall that seems to be called Fish and Chips on Pico near Curson (east of Fairfax)...has anyone been?

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                                                                        You MIGHT be thinking of Penguin's which I think is just WEST of Fairfax, s/s of Pico between Fairfax and Crescent Heights . . .

                                                                        IF that's the place, my experience there has been that the battered fish is really salty. Not saying it's not good, just that it's more of a fried fish joint than a traditional pub fish &
                                                                        chips experience . . . still good but different.

                                                                      2. I don't know if you usually going to Tusquellas in Farmer's Market is a joke or not but I went there and had the worst fish and chips in the world. I have never had the Jack in the Box fish and chips but it has got to be comparable to Tusquellas. The fish is dry. The batter is flat and no crunch. And the chips tasted like Ore Ida frozen french fries. The malt vinegar came in a plastic packet. All this for $13?? At least I had an Anchor Steam to kill the horrible taste.

                                                                        I'm still looking for fish and chips like I had in London and the closest I've gotten is King's Head but I will try some of the other suggestions on this board.

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                                                                        1. re: funkycold

                                                                          Britania is not bad. Buy good cod fish. Make your own beer batter with Guiness. Make it at home. Not so hard.

                                                                        2. Henry's Hat on Cahuenga near the entrance to Universal City Walk. A very generous sized cod filet in beer batter with lots of hand cut shoe string fries. Served with a fresh dill tartar sauce. The fish was very fresh, the beer batter nice and puffy and crunchy and not at all greasy. So good I've had it twice in one week. A bit pricey at $14.00 but a large enough portion for the wife and I to share. If you go at happy hour(5-7) you can order it with a reduced price appetizer and cheap cocktails.


                                                                          1. Sure, many of these suggestions are serviceable BUT if you want the BEST:

                                                                            TO Fish and Chips on Thousand Oaks Blvd

                                                                            Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips
                                                                            3825 E Thousand Oaks Blvd
                                                                            Westlake Village, CA 91362-6648
                                                                            (805) 495-1614

                                                                            1. Based off this thread I just tried the fish and chips at Robin Hood in Studio City. Amazing, the batter was fluffy and textured -not too greasy and the fish was of good quality. I think Icelandic cod. Totally on par if not a little better than my current fave - Golden State - and unlike GS you can get them any day of the week!

                                                                              GF had bangers and mash. Totally spot on in terms of solid greasy pub grub. Even though I live far away I'm definitely planning on going back for a non-workday, non-lunch visit so I can knock down a few brews to go with the food.

                                                                              The Golden State
                                                                              426 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

                                                                                1. Red Lion Tavern. I promise.

                                                                                  Red Lion Tavern
                                                                                  2366 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

                                                                                  1. H.Salt Fish & Chips in West Los Angeles. Some H.Salt's really suck, but this one is good.

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                                                                                    1. re: meg3325

                                                                                      Long on taste (short on atmosphere)!

                                                                                    2. I really liked the fish & chips at Son of a Gun. And....if you're up for a bit of a drive....Fishermen's Catch in Oxnard is a terrific little family run place. Three generations of fishermen. You ask them what they caught that day....and they'll cook it however you want...including fish and chips.

                                                                                      1. They're not mentioned in this thread, but the Whale and Ale in San Pedro used to get good mentions on this board.

                                                                                        However, my last trip there was disappointing to say the least: soggy chips, overcooked fish, and surly attitudes all around...

                                                                                        Skip it.