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Mar 7, 2008 11:47 AM

Best BBQ, no reservations tonight

Suggestions? Midtown preference, but will considering going further.

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  1. It'll be crowded on a Friday but do yourself a favor, hop a cab or the 1 train to 125th and B'way and have a great night at Dinosaur.

    The wings, deviled eggs, ribs, pulled pork and draft beer selection will all be worth dealing with the crowds!.


    1. If you wait around at any of the popular places--Blue Smoke, RUB, Hill Country--I think you'll get a table eventually. Just be willing to have a few beers at the bar first.

      Or you could try a new place like Smokin' Q on East 63rd--are they busy yet?

      1. i second dinosuar bbq but I went to Blue Smoke and it was good and it is more convenient for you.

        1. Hill Country does not take reservations, so the wait will depend on how busy they are. From our experience, the later you go, the shorter the wait. We've found that the line tends to slow down and even sometimes disappears entirely after 9 p.m.

          Blue Smoke holds some tables for walk-ins. Even when it's been extremely busy, I don't think we've ever waited longer than 15 minutes. One time, we did end up being seated on the balcony, which I wasn't all that thrilled about since service was less attentive than in the main dining area.

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            I go to Blue Smoke frequently on Friday nights without reservations. Most of the time they quote me 30-45 minutes for a table for 2. This is usually at around 830-9ish. I mostly end of snagging some bar seats and dining there. Much better service then sitting in the balcony. If you can, snag the 2 seats on the corner but the hostess stand, I dont thnk there are better seats in the house.

          2. four of us went to RUB last Saturday night around 830pm...waited for about 45 minutes, but tucked in at the bar for two pints of Six Points...since you're looking for casual anyway, I doubt you'll even notice the is good, too