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Mar 7, 2008 11:31 AM

New to Carroll Gardens--need shopping recs.

I just moved to Carroll Gadens and was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for the best places to shop for groceries, produce, cheese, bread, bagels, prepared foods, etc...restaurants, too. Any suggestions in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fairway. It's in Red Hook and it rocks! It's at the very end of Van Brunt Street.
    Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue is also great for international ingredients, but not a full scale supermarket.
    For Cheese, Stinky Brooklyn (though Fairway does have an extensive cheese section)
    The Carroll Gardens Farmer’s market is on Carroll and Smith and is out every Sunday from July – Mid November. The Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market is much better, opened year round only on Saturdays. Hope this helps and welcome to the neighborhood!

    1. On Atlantic Ave. don't just stick to Sahadis. There are quite a few middle eastern food stores with incredible food. Close to Sahadis is Damascas and they sell fresh pita bread==all different varieties. Also lots of prepared food as well. Across from sahadis is the Oriental Grocery and they have wonderfull bulk stuff and great prepared food. It's not that I don't like Sahadis, I do, especially for Olive oil but the other stores are often given short shrift on this board and I think they are def. worth a visit. I think most of them offer better prepared foods then Sahadi's.

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        there are a lot of good food stores in the area. theres the whole selection on atlantic ave. then on court st - there is cobblestone foods -also has wonderful cheeses and specialty foods. pacific green also has good specialty/gourmet goods, but is a little expensive (similar to chop chop on smith st. but chop chop has more prepared foods). fish tales on court is great for really fresh cuts of fish. i dont often go, but people are generally fans of staubbitz for meats. i like la bagel a lot, but there is a divide between that and court street bagels. for regular supermarkets theres the key food on atl, which is weak but has some basics, and then the met on smith, which is a slight improvement. i agree that fairway is totally worth the trip from time to time though... its wonderful

      2. it depends where you are in C. Gardens. The Met on Henry is great. If you're on S. Court theres a wonderful little Korean deli that is full of organic foods - much better than any other deli experience. Caputo's is good for pastas and sauces. There's the fish stores and cheese stores that are mentioned...Also on Union and Court is a larger organic grocery store AND a wonderful vegetable market just north of Sackett (maybe Degraw) on Court street.

        1. We do the bulk of our supermarket shopping at Fairway. From June to December ultra fresh vegetables from the Cobble Hill CSA

          Great fish, but not cheap, fish at fish tales and all sorts of wonderful stuff at Sahadi and Damascus Bakery

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            Thanks for the reply. I've always been a huge fan of Sahadis, Damascus Bakery, and the Atlantic Ave strip. How's the variety and portioning of fruit and veggies at the Cobble Hill CSA? Is it a well organized and user-friendly operation? I've been a member of different food co-ops in the past, but have never joined any groups where the produce is rationed off by shares. Have you had a good experience w/ them? It sounds interesting. Thanks again.

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              Last year was our first in CHCSA and it was a very good experience. Veggies are wonderful and fresh. Since we didn't cook at home every night we almost always had stuff at the end of the week-end (Tuesday pick-up). Many of the weekly share details from last year are on the website

          2. I also recommend K&Y Groceries on 291 Court Street (between Degraw and Douglass) for very well-priced fruit and veg, especially outside of CSA and Farmers' Market season. I have joined the CSA for a fruit share for the first time this year, so I'll see how that pans out.

            Scotto's Wine Cellar for wine at 318 Court. Some great priced bottles for under $9.

            Park Health Foods for cheaper-than-Whole-Foods health/organic items on Court @ Union, and Caputo's bakery on Court @ Sackett for French baguettes.

            I do a lot of my shopping from Sahadi's, K&Y and Fish Tales. Once in a while, we'll take the bus out toe Fairway, but only when we need a big, big shop.

            Welcome to the 'hood!

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              D’Amico for fresh coffee and Court Street Bakery for Italian pastries and treats, both near Court & Degraw. I second Caputo’s for any and all Italian meats and cheeses. If you need a good beer to go with your cheese, the beer distributor on Court and Kane has a very good selection of microbrews. If you do find a good bagel store anywhere in the neighborhood please report back. IMO the one on Court near Bergen is mediocre at best and not worth the hike.

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                Not really a bagel store, but Boerum Hill Food Co. on Smith near Dean has great bagels, I believe they are H&H.

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                  Try Montague bagels. Not quite the neighborhood, but fresh made bagels, and worth the walk.