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Mar 7, 2008 11:25 AM

Jersey City Eats?

My company relocated to Jersey City from Midtown. I am in Harborside Financial Center, outside the exchange palce path station. This is a culinary wasteland. We have the Krispy Pizza Truck which makes a great grandma's pie. That's all that could even come close as being great around here. Oh wait, I forgot about Applebees and Uno's, Jersey home of the Chain. Ugh just kidding. Help!!! I need good eats. Maybe Time to seekout good delivery options. Any suggestions

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  1. My office moved from downtown (no great culinary hotspot) to JC a few years ago. I just eat in the cafeteria. There is nothing really worthwhile in downtown JC. The best of what there is? Well, when my department has a luncheon we go to
    Amelia's or The Light Horse. Both are pretty good, though just above average by Manhattan standards. If your company does not have a cafeteria, and you want good basic food, the Flamingo diner is cheap and not bad (a typical family-run Greek diner that has not been redecorated since the 60's, with prices to match), for eat-in or takeout. In Harborside, there are several forgettable restaurants, Markers being the best of a pretty sorry lot. Sorry to be so discouraging, but that's it. What I find hard to understanding is with all the residential development, why there is so little in the way of restaurants, or any other basic services. I can't imagine why anybody wants to live there; it has all the disadvantages of the city and the suburbs with none of the advantages.

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      there are plenty of great dining options in jersey city and plenty of reasons to live there. you'll not find many around the exchange place area, however. that area is certainly more like 6th ave in the 50's than anything else, and i'd tend to agree that they need a couple of salad bars and delis at the very least for office workers. However as far as quality of life goes, JC has plenty to offer. In fact Ox just received an Excellent in the Jersey section of the NYT last week, deservedly.

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        As a former Jersey City Resident (last lived there in '94) I am wondering if the so-called "Harbor Casino" is still there. It is mostly a bar with food. Granted, it is nothing outstanding in the food department but I would have to say I would rather eat there than Applebees (even if the special was billed by the colorful owner as "Chromium Clams"!). The main reason to go is that it has not changed much since the 1930's and is the Headquarters for local Ward Heelers and political Bosses of JC. It is on Warren Street right by the River. (closer to Montgomery Avenue there used to be a place called Lisbon which was decent Spanish/Portuguese). All within walking distance of the Exchange Place Path Station. Of course, I am well aware that I am in a Time Warp as far as JC goes. But maybe someone else knows.

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          To my knowledge these don't exist anymore. "Better than Applebees"? Not much of a recommendation. I've never been to Applebees, nor would I ever want to try one.

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            Harbor Casino just reopened in December after a relocation and 3 year break! Same setup - a bar with food. I think it is only blocks from the original place (as per the bartender, the owners newphew). The restaurant space is being leased so the original owners (including the wife/chef) are just landlords now - new management is OK. Name will always stay the same.

          2. re: tommy

            Okay, so there is one good restaurant somewhere in JC, and it is not downtown. I rest my case.

            1. re: rrems

              hmm, well i'm no lawyer, but that's not a very strong argument. but your position is certainly clear.

        2. angelo,

          I do not know if they deliver, but the best Japanese/Sushi place in Jersey City is Komegashi Too on Pavonia across from the PATH.

          For a Burger, there's FatBurger on Washington. A 50's style place on the theme of Fuddruckers, but slightly more expensive.

          If you would like good old fashioned rustic Italian, there's Laico's. I go to the one on Terhune Street, but there's a location on Summit I believe.

          Down on Newark Street and Grove Streets, there's plenty of ethnic fare. The popular ones are:

          Benny's Falafel(Cheap Eats)
          Hard Grove Cafe(Cuban).

          On Newark Street, there's Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian

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          1. re: fourunder

            These are not bad suggestions, but as the OP will discover, they are not within easy walking distance.

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              TY fourunder, I've read some of your posts before and found them helpful, will certainly check these out.

              Found fat burger, I say Ah, it's OK. Also over here is Nan King. It's ok to good, good being relative since there is NOTHING here!!!!!

              1. re: angelo04


                I made a mistake about the Falafel place. It's actually:


                IBBY'S FALAFEL
                "Family Recipe Since 1968"
                303 GROVE STREET
                JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY
                (Bet. City Hall & Grove Path Station


                10 A.M UNTIL 12 A.M.
                7 DAYS A WEEK

                Also on Pavonia is a deli that's quite popular. I do not know it's name, but it's very busy with commuters in the mornings.

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                  BTW.............from past threads I will assume you are from the shore area. Laico's is a place very similar to Jimmy's Italian Restaurant in Asbury Park....been around for ever with employees who are fixtures. If you like Rustic Italian, you should consider going after work one day at the Terhune Street location. They serve a Family Style Salad and make their own bread along with other commercial bakery breads included in the bread basket.

                  I recommend any veal dish, any specials of fish, pork tenderloin, veal chop and the Paglia e Fieno with shrimp and makes a great start for an appetizer to be shared.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    TY- I am actually in Old Bridge/Marlboro. I do frequently find myself down the shore in the Summer and will certainly travel far and wide for good chow. Thanks for the tips.

            2. If your taste palat is as muddled as your manners its no wonder you havent enjoyed some of the best 60 or so dining places in the tristate area ,within 10 min of your work place. Within one hour they are in the hundreds. I suggest, if you are able to use your computer, try checking out the fine and multi-national resturants in Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne for a modest start! ENJOY!

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              1. re: tjjb99

                10 minutes? How? Do you think we have cars with us to drive to these places? Bayonne? You've got to be kidding. We are talking lunch here, not major excursions.

                1. re: tjjb99

                  tjjb99 - "If your taste palat is as muddled as your manners " What are you implying?

                  While I agree there are great dining options nearby in the tri state area - I seek good food within the confines of a lunch hour. Thought that was pretty clear in the OP.

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                    I work in Plaza 2 in harborside, nice to see some other hounds here...

                    I get a salad from markers express every day for lunch, it is good but overpriced at 9 bucks.... I don't have time to really explore anything too far but there is a great italian deli down the street with a ridiculous line every day... for 6 bucks the meatball parm is awesome! can't remember the name of the place for the life of me...

                    we moved from midtown, god how I miss the halal carts :(

                2. It is a bit of a walk but the weather is getting nicer...Skinner's Loft on Newark Ave. has decent food - down the block from the PATH entrance.


                    Hey - ordered delivery from this Mexican place. Really good, I had the pork tacos. Give it a try.

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                      I remembered the name of the deli it is Milano's... great chicken/meatball parm sandwiches for 6 bucks..