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Mar 7, 2008 10:53 AM

Chocolate/Novelty Shops?

Can anyone recommend any chocolate or novelty shops that might sell chocolate cigars that say "It's a Girl?" I know this is a little odd and specific, but I remember seeing them somewhere, and I want to buy them as a gift.

Any fun, kitschy chocolate shops would be great to hear about.

I'm in Silver Spring, so anywhere in DC or MoCo would be helpful.


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  1. You know I think I have seen them somewhere, this is totally out on a limb, but there is a chocolate shop at Farragut North in the building with Spezie, Mortons and Victoria Secret, I don't know the name, but if you can figure out what it is I would call them, they might have it, they do chocolate novelty stuff.

    1. Definitely Chocolate Moose, on the northwest corner of CT and L.

      1. The place ktmoomau is talking about I think is Chocolate Chocolate, but I agree with katecm that Chocolate Moose, which is across the street, would probably be a better bet for something like that. I love that store, you'll find some fun gift there, in any case.

        1. Kron Chocolates, in Mazza Gallerie, might have them.

          1. ACKC on 14th St is a hot new chocolate shop and they have It's a Girl novelties. They're at 14th & Q NW. They have another shop in Alexandria. If you go, be sure to check out the hot cocoa selections - addictive.

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              KRON in the basement of Mazza Gallery sells exactly that sort of stuff. I purchased some for a baby shower.

              I also love ACKC chocolate - try there too.