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Mar 7, 2008 10:53 AM

Portland: Impressive place to take boss for coffee?

Picking my boss up at the airport and have a couple of hours until dinner. Besides just driving out to the Gorge or seeing scenery...where would be a great place to hang out with coffee and a snack before dinner? PIx (Hawthorne or Division)? Something weirder like Voodoo? She's really into 'Bucks, so the brew need not be fantastic (although I love Stumptown). Suggestions?

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  1. If it's not too out of the way, I suggest Stumptown at the Ace Hotel where each cup of coffee is individually brewed with their Clover coffee machines. I tried it recently and it's a fantastic cup of coffee - way beyond what SBUX is capable of producing right now.

    Where are you planning on taking her to dinner?

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      Thanks--I LOVE the Ace! Ugh--unfortunately, the other people we have to meet that night want to go to Claim Jumper. It's not that it's that bad--but there are so many other wonderful places here, I'd rather impress her with something else.

    2. I think the two most celebrated coffee roasters around town are Stumptown and Albina Press.

      1. I second/third Stumptown at Ace. A couple of other suggestions: Ristretto Roasters isn't too far from the airport. Sydney's (NW 16th/Thurman) is a cool space, although I'm not crazy about their coffee (I love just about everything else, though).