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Mar 7, 2008 10:48 AM

best Plano breakfast

What's the best place to buy your dad breakfast (not brunch), before 9:00am on a Saturday?

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  1. I'm not sure if you're talking about West Plano, but there isn't much there other than Denny's, etc. I live nearby at Preston and Geo. Bush and the only places I go to breakfast before 9 are in Dallas; the Original House of Pancakes at Sakowitz Village in Addison (not the same as IHOP) and Deli News at Preston and Campbell. There is a Dream Cafe in that same shopping center that many like. Some people also like Cyndy's in Richardson. There is a new Breadwinner's in Plano in Preston north of Parker, but I don't particularly care for it. I think there are some decent Mexican restaurants in East Plano east of 75. If anyone knows of anything else, I'd like to know myself.

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    1. Well it is not in Plano (Lewisville) but I think either has one of the better breakfast I have had.

      Weck's on Main St across from Goldsmith Stadium/Lewisville HS has some great NM breakfast items. I enjoyed the hash browns there.

      Ham N Eggs on Round Grove Rd. You could both eat a single stack of pancakes or biscuit and gravy. The portions are ridiculously large (I believe they used to feed the Cowboys players and have never reduced the portion sizes).

      I have been told by some people that the Cafe Brazil on Josey @ George Bush is good. I stopped eating at Cafe Brazil after I got a horrid dinner and service.

      I don't think you would be dissapointed if you drove all the way from Plano. This is one of the only culinary items Lewisville does have to offer the metroplex!!

      1. Poor Richards Cafe is my breakfast place of choice. Plano's oldest restuarant..

        1. If you are near the tollway - the original pancake house is at 121 and the tollway, they have really good pancakes and omelettes! Little Gus is also a good choice in Plano, they are at Legacy and ...Coit I believe.

          1. There is an Original Pancake House on Central (west side) just north of Park Blvd.
            They have great apple pancakes. You can call them: (972) 423-2889.
            The side street from Park is "Enterprise".
            Sunday mornings are prime time there.