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Mar 7, 2008 10:48 AM

Kid-friendly lunch potluck ideas

Hi all,

We've been invited to a family potluck at a bowling alley/community centre. The host said to "bring whatever" and I know most people will bring sweets... I'd like to bring something savoury, not too messy, that doesn't require access to a fridge/stove. Aside from the usual egg salad/pb&j I'm drawing a blank. Anyone have any WOW potluck dishes that are portable and kid-friendly? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. Pepperoni rolls (google recipe or search on here get a recipe from WV that is authentic) these don't need refrdigerated and stay good for a couple days and they are soo good
    Mini burgers if cooked beforehand would stay good for a good amount of time I use the Kings Hawaiin rolls as they are a good size and keep toppings pretty well in them so not messy
    Or little bbq sandwiches made before hand and cole slaw you could put the coleslaw on he sandwiches and wrap in plastic wrap to keep the messiness down (that would stay good for about as long as egg salad)
    Antipasta salad with cheese and cured meat like pepperoni could be a big hit and would stay good for a while
    Or something healthy like fruit salad kids often complain there aren't good healthy options.
    Also a casserole with pasta, cheese, italian sausage and a veggie like broccoli would be awesome. I know my Aunt makes one like that, but I don't have a recipe on me, you could search for one though.

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      Being from WV I love that someone mentioned pepperoni rolls! So easy to make at home...

      I use frozen white bread dough (defrost and slice) or the frozen bread dough balls (easier). once defrosted, I flatten, put 2 large circumference deli pepperoni slices in the middle (or 4-6 small pepperoni slices) and roll. Tuck ends of dough under and let rise again. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 until golden.

    2. I had a little pumpkin carving contest for the kid in the neighborhood last fall. So what I did was make a special table for the kids only with their finger foods, but you can share with all.(I saw some big kids hovering over the spread)

      Chicken and Cheese Quesedillas hold well, and were devoured -used fontina cheese
      BBQ Chicken Drummies - just the little drumstick of the wing
      Fruit sticks - banana/melon /strawberry/pineapple/grapes - marshmallow dip

      One thing I'm going to try is macaroni and cheese balls/rolled in bread crumbs and fried
      and you can make your own chicken fingers with a ranch dressing dipping sauce/

      1. I have noticed that even my usually not very picky kid is quite picky at a pot luck. Because even if he has had something at home -- like chili or meatballs - the fact that it might not look exactly the same makes him nervous. My solution is to take something where the ingredients are obvious. A rolled beef roast sliced thin and served cold is a good bet. Or a cottage roll of ham. I usually take along a tray of condiments -- onion relish, mustard, horseradish sauce.

        But the funny thing is that you can never predict with kids. At the big soccer round-up pot-luck the cucumber sushi was big with all the kids.