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Mar 7, 2008 10:46 AM

Wedding Caterer Reviews For Steam Whistle Venue

Looking to find out if Beyond Catering and Enville are decent catering companies. We are considering them for our wedding.


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  1. My friends used En Ville for their wedding 3 years ago. They did a great job. They were easy to work with and extremely efficient. The food is decent mid-range, but not upscale gourmet.

    1. I did a gig at Steamwhistle. Used Daniel et Daniel. I'd use 'em again in a heartbeat. They were fantastic to deal with, always watching out for MY money as if it were their own. Looked for ways to provide something exciting to eat without providing excitement for the pocketbook. En Ville is a great company, but my experience with them is that their quality doesn't always reflect their higher pricing.

      1. I second the Daniel et Daniel vote. The food is great, and these people really care. En Ville are OK, D&D is better. Have no experience with Beyond catering

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          Thanks everyone. D & D is in the mix too. I just found them to be so slow in getting a quote to me. That's the only difference.

          1. re: Culinary Seductions

            I would say that is not inaccurate, but have learned it's because they are checking and double checking suppliers to see if they can get me best prices and alternatives when something I ask for isn't available. Just make a quick call and tell them they're losing out because you don't have any info...

            1. re: The Goddess

              Maybe they've picked up their socks in the past couple of years. I asked D&D for a quote for my wedding, and they just never bothered getting back to me, after promising a reply within days.
              I called and left a polite message: still nothing.
              Eventually I wrote a letter to the managers, expressing my disappointment that such a highly-rated company would blow off my nice little garden wedding... no reply.

              I've had their food at other events, and thought it very good, but I will never recommend them.

        2. The original comment has been removed