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Mar 7, 2008 10:43 AM

IKEA- Sunrise area

Looking for dinner suggestions for this sunday in the area. Prefer asian.

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  1. that part of the world is not really known for its restaurants. the best in the area that i can tink of is Grand Lux Cafe in the Sawgrass mall a couple of miles east. Never ate there before but i here its good. If you want to head farther northeast, at university and inverary is Gabose, a great korean restaurant.

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    1. re: Raboi

      Avoid the Grand Lux Cafe. It's the same thing as the Cheesecake Factory. I'm not particularly fond of it. In fact, avoid Sawgrass Malls in general when it comes to eating out. Probably PF Changs is a better choice if you need to eat at the mall. But otherwise, drive out a bit.

    2. thanks for the suggestions. i was busy at worked when i posted. i should have been more specific.

      when i wrote "Ikea Sunrise area", i meant with a 5-10 mile radius of the store. NOT at sawgrass mills per se. i know there's a large asian community in west broward so there must be a plethora of worthy choices. i don't frequent the area much so i figured this would be a time to explore more choices that aren't available in my area.

      when i wrote "asian", i should have been more specific. NO CHAINS, looking more for mom and pop restaurants: chinese, dim sum, vietnamese, korean or indian suggestions would be most welcome.

      thanks and sorry for not being more clear.

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        Myung Ga in Weston is a very good Korean (no BBQ). It's couple exits south on I-75. I rather go there than any chain places.

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          I second the vote for Gabose, it's not too far from there...University and 50th in Lauderhill. Does Le's House still exist in Sunrise? It was Vietnamese and we had a good meal there, but years ago. I also like Japan Inn on University, in Sunrise.