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Mar 7, 2008 10:31 AM

Yasuda only at bar?

Last week I had a great meal at Yasuda at a table. But last nights dinner there at a table was not good. My dinner at Yasuda was not good.
The service was by a waiter with a strong Japanese accent and a lisp, who removed plates as I was still chewing my food. He did not bring more ginger with new plates of sushi, even though we had finished our first small allotment of ginger. After we had been there 45 minutes (we arrived on time), he said it was last call.
In general, the sushi was mediocre compared with my sushi during my previous experiences at Yasuda and elsewhere. Specifically, the Uni had a strong metallic taste; the Maguro was not great; nothing was exceptional; and, rolls had soggy nori even though we ordered them separately. And, by the way, my chawanmushi was undercooked and it tasted as though they had used water instead of daishi.

Is bar service more consistent? Do they rush you at the bar also?

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  1. Sorry to hear of your bad experience. I was sitting at a table as well last weekend and wasn't rushed at all. We were there for about 1.5 hours. However, our reservations were for 6P. So I think the rushing thing comes more from what time you eat as opposed to whether you eat at the bar or table.

    1. Sorry to hear about the uni, that's my favorite thing to order. I've been there many times, dined at the table and at the bar. Personally, I prefer the bar. I've never been rushed, and I always seem to get (not better) but quicker and more personal attention, not necessarily by the staff, but by the chef. I would try the bar one more time, and actually, would strongly recommend that you kindly bring up the fact that you love the restaurant, but last time you felt a bit rushed. They're usually very good with their service, as you may know, but putting that out there may assure it doesn't happen to you again. Good luck.

      1. We've been rushed there once at lunch during the week. However, we went on the later side of lunch. Other dinners and lunches were fine. I am very surprised to hear about your meal. Give it another try.