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Mar 7, 2008 10:30 AM

Cornish game hen for "chicken" soup?

My neighbor swears that using cornish game hen to make broth (or stock) for chicken soup is the way to go.

I'm intrigued.

Anyone ever do this?

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  1. Haven't done it, but a couple of observations. First, cornish hens are slaughtered very young; all other things being equal, they will contribute less flavor to the broth / stock than older birds. Second, cornish hens have no dark meat; IMHO dark meat has a better texture for soup (assuming the meat is going into the soup). Finally, there's the issue of cost: cornish hens tend to be a little spendy.

    If you give it a try, though, be sure to post back as to how things worked out.

    1. Are they using uncooked or the carcass of these birds? Because my broth/stock from the roasted carcasses have been phenomenal, all deep and rich, (as opposed to my nice and delicious but not as deep unroasted-chicken stock) but that think that may be more a factor of the roasting of the birds since I make stock/broth the exact same way regardless of the bone/protein used.

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        Ali---I can't think how to get "roasted carcasses" without using people's plate scrapings. Otherwords, buying enough birds to be equal in amount to the chicken legs & thighs I ordinarily use to make stock would bring the cost of a pot of stock to around $30-$40. Am I missing something here?

        1. re: Querencia

          :) I live alone and therefore tend to roast game hens for dinner rather than chickens - I like the idea of getting to eat a whole bird by myself. Once roasted, I carve up the bird and toss the carcass into the freezer. A few dinners later, there's enough for a pot of stock. What can I say? I eat lots of game hens and don't tend to make a very large pot of stock at a time (seeing as to how I just don't have the freezer space or large pot).

        1. I've made many, many stocks in my day, and I will tell you that making stock from the leftovers of a roasted Cornish hen dinner was by far the best I've ever made. Give it a try- the stock has a super deep and rich flavor and is like no other.