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Cornish game hen for "chicken" soup?

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My neighbor swears that using cornish game hen to make broth (or stock) for chicken soup is the way to go.

I'm intrigued.

Anyone ever do this?

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  1. Haven't done it, but a couple of observations. First, cornish hens are slaughtered very young; all other things being equal, they will contribute less flavor to the broth / stock than older birds. Second, cornish hens have no dark meat; IMHO dark meat has a better texture for soup (assuming the meat is going into the soup). Finally, there's the issue of cost: cornish hens tend to be a little spendy.

    If you give it a try, though, be sure to post back as to how things worked out.

    1. Are they using uncooked or the carcass of these birds? Because my broth/stock from the roasted carcasses have been phenomenal, all deep and rich, (as opposed to my nice and delicious but not as deep unroasted-chicken stock) but that think that may be more a factor of the roasting of the birds since I make stock/broth the exact same way regardless of the bone/protein used.

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        Ali---I can't think how to get "roasted carcasses" without using people's plate scrapings. Otherwords, buying enough birds to be equal in amount to the chicken legs & thighs I ordinarily use to make stock would bring the cost of a pot of stock to around $30-$40. Am I missing something here?

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          :) I live alone and therefore tend to roast game hens for dinner rather than chickens - I like the idea of getting to eat a whole bird by myself. Once roasted, I carve up the bird and toss the carcass into the freezer. A few dinners later, there's enough for a pot of stock. What can I say? I eat lots of game hens and don't tend to make a very large pot of stock at a time (seeing as to how I just don't have the freezer space or large pot).

        1. I've made many, many stocks in my day, and I will tell you that making stock from the leftovers of a roasted Cornish hen dinner was by far the best I've ever made. Give it a try- the stock has a super deep and rich flavor and is like no other.