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Mar 7, 2008 10:17 AM

ISO Temescal Farmer's Market Rec's

I've very recently discovered the Temescal farmer's market after being a die-hard Berkeley farmer's market(s) gal (I know, I'm a little behind the times!). I love this market, but am a little overwhelmed with all the options, so I'd like to hear what some of your fav's are? Prepared food, produce, everything is fair game. I'm just looking to discover things I might not have otherwise purchased.

Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. Bay Bread is there, and their stuff is great, from the pastries to the sliced breads to the round breads and baguettes. I also like Prather Ranch, and their staff is really helpful. Then of course there's Bakesale Betty, Blue Bottle, and Andy and Cindy's Thai Cuisine. I tried empandas once from the stand there and liked them, but I forget the name. Of the produce vendors, a lot of the good ones aren't back into the market yet, it gets much more crowded in the summer time, but I do really like the citrus vendor that's on the right side of the left row (if you're facing away from Blue Bottle). There are also a number of produce vendors that are also at the Berkeley market, and more will come back later in the season.

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      I did not see Betty the last 2 times I went.

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        I'm not sure but I think Betty is cutting back a bit due to having a kid. The store is now closed on Sunday and Monday if I recall. The place is as packed as ever however.

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          The corno de toro pepper guy doesn't go to Temescal anymore. The guy from the farmers market association told me he now sells at Montclair.

          I like the guy who sells 5 avocados for $6. Great avocados. Happy Boy's root vegetables and greens are excellent. The lady who sells dosas and chai right next to the crepe vendor makes a great, though greasy, aloo tikki--a thick potato pancake studded with vegetables, served in a bowl on top of a sort of indian salsa of tomatoes and black beans. I make sure to get my coffee before reaching the market, because Blue Bottle is not worth ten minutes to wait in line to order, then fifteen more to get it. If you bring kids, the proximity to Frog Park is unbeatable.

        2. There is a bakery (Not the German one, not Betty, not Pasta Pastifico) whose name I cannot remember - they have the most delicious chocolate/chocolate chunk/walnut cookies. Expensive, as I recall, but top-notch ingredients - you can really taste the quality of the chocolate and the freshness of the walnuts.

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            Can you at least describe where the stall is located?

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              Is that the same guy who sells the pretzel bread (next to Bay Bread and where Bakesale Betty used to be)? Because that pretzel bread is really good, and he sells the best cinnamon raisin bread my wife and I have ever tasted.

              1. re: Hungry Hippo

                the pretzel bread is so delicious! i actually found my way to this thread looking for the name of the bakery. i went to the market this morning and bought a loaf after having a bite of the pretzel croissant my friend got -- embarrassingly i forgot to note the name!

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                  The German bakery is Sterntaler, and the source of the aforementioned chocolate/walnut cookies, I believe, is Feel Good Bakery (Alameda-based).