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Mar 7, 2008 10:10 AM

Ortolan, Bastide or Melisse?

Help us decide where to celebrate our 3 year anniversay. My first choice was Cut - but I waited too long to make a reservation. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I hit Bastide for Valentine's Day and was blown away by the food, ambience, and service. The food is interesting, strong flavors, with very solid technique, emphasizing the strength of the ingredients, the patio seating was lovely, and the service was almost comical in its extent (not quite Diaghlev, but close). Very much what one wants for a special occasion.


    1. i haven't been to bastide so betw. the other two i'd say that personally i like melisse's food. however, if you're looking for more haute cuisine go with ortolan. i don't like the atmosphere there.. too chilly and not aesthetically pleasing IMO. if it's ur 3yr anniversary, why don't you try urasawa?? :)

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        1. yes but sometimes it's not necessarily the physical atmosphere, rather the whole experience and in that sense i'd think urasawa would be awesome... small, quaint, INTIMATE.. :)

          1. Thanks for all the recos...looks like I can only get a reservation at Ortolan (did I mention I want to go next Friday the 14th) so I think that's where we're going to go. While I really want to try Urasawa at some point, it's a bit over our budget for the time being.

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              I haven't tried Bastide; never been disappointed by Melisse, always walked away feeling that was a great meal; tried Ortolan once, never again. A year ago we hit Ortolan on a Wednesday night, had their tasting menu and a couple of drinks. The tab including tip was over $400 for two and the food was easily the worst I've had at that price level. The restaurant was near empty, no more than 4 other tables were occupied thruout the evening, the lights were not even turned on for one side of the restaurant. I liked our table by the herb wall near the bar. I have to grant the food was presented with flourish but the temperature, the taste, the freshness of the food were all sadly off. The quality would be consistent with that of food left sitting around and then reheated just before serving. Given the good reviews Ortolan usually gets, my friend and I were mystified by the mediocrity of the food. My speculation is neither chefs were on hand that evening (Wednesday... few diners) and we were served not freshly prepared food. Maybe the fancy serving contraptions are supposed to distract diners. Whatever... total rip off. Jamais.