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Mar 7, 2008 09:56 AM

Best range under $2k?

Hi all. While I'd love a Blue Star or Wolf, I just can't justify going that high end. We just don't cook THAT much, and my wife doesn't feel it would be money well spent.

So we're looking in the $1500-2k range. I'm thinking KitchenAid, Bosch, Jenn-Air, GE Profile etc etc. It'll be a 30".

Any and all thoughts and experiences would be welcome.

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  1. Ya know, I am sorta amazed that there is such a big spread in COST between a pretty ordinary range with a 30" oven and a fancy one from the same company. You really are not (in most cases) paying for increased performance, mostly style & doo-dads.

    Honestly if you compare the heat output for a gas range in the $600-$700 area you won't find much to steer you toward spending double/triple that.

    I do think that with shopping you can get some of the more value priced "high performance" ranges from Blue Star, American and Capital forjust a bit more than top end of your territory and a lot people (myself included) feel that is a lot better value & performance than the Wolf, Viking, Thermador offerings. The trade-off might be some "rough edges" on the metal and racks that are not as fancy as the big names, and maybe a bit more industrial style clean up, but those are part of the trade off.

    The only thing that the pricey gas ranges with Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and GE badges have going for 'em is looks. Don't waste your money.

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      A couple of the things that you might get as you go up in price are self cleaning and convection. You'll need to decide if that's worthwhile.

      Personally I don't like to spend on electronic controls since they're usually the first thing to break, but you also get that.

      1. re: mlgb

        Our KitchenAid range we purchased in late 2002 starting giving an error message and shutting off anytime the oven was set over 425 degrees, now it does it at any temp over 350. A web search revealed dozens of identical complaints and suggested that the problem was that the digital control boards were placed in a location that exposed them to excess heat (directly over the oven door). KitchenAid will not cover the parts under warranty, so the bill to repair the range will be around $900. We're just going to use that money to replace the range with a non-KitchenAid one without all the fancy features we never used anyway.

    2. We have had good luck with our GE Profile dual range. No complaints and I cook a great deal. I've come to really like the convenction for baking and the BTUs are plenty for my needs.

      1. We went through the same experience just over a year ago. We ended up getting an upscale Kenmore Elite from Sears. We have been very happy with it. 5 burner top, convection/conventional oven, the self clean feature works very well, even on the porcelain racks. The oven has adjustable bias on the thermostat, just for grins I checked it out and as supplied from the factory it was only 4 degrees low. The bottom warming oven works well and is also set up for proving dough. In short it was good value with a lot of nice features. We were so satisfied we went back and bought a refrigerator to match!