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Mar 7, 2008 09:48 AM

One night in Durham-in search of Asian or raw oysters

Hello everyone!

Headed to Durham alone at the end of the month and I'm in search of a Saturday night meal. Never visited before, but I've lived in the South my whole life and am NOT looking for anything southern, bbq, or new American with w/ the southern influence. I'm just plain sick of it.
I'd like to eat some outstanding of course, and in am specific search of delicious Asian food (I'm currently over both sushi and thai) or some really fresh raw oysters. Read mixed things about the vit goal tofu place and am considering it. Any suggestions???


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  1. I know that Blu Seafood has real nice fresh oysters; we like the Blue Points.

    We love Vit Goal--spicy tofu with kimchi and beef soup is wonderful. We have been 3 or 4 times and have never had any problems with the wait staff. In fact, quite the opposite. They have been very helpful as have the other customers. One extremely nice couple even insisted that we try their spicy noodle with squid dish.

    1. It sort of depends on where in durham you'll be staying. I'm a big vit goal fan, but it's out in strip mall hell and if you're actually in town, there are some nice places which would make you feel like you've actually visited durham, rather than some random place. unfortunately, that kind of limits you w/ respect to asian cuisine, but why not try out blu for oysters. it's just off 9th street, close to duke's east campus. if you suddenly find yourself in the mood for straight up french bistro food, try rue cler in downtown - walking distance from the marriot. downtown durham - long fallow - has been in the process of rebirth for some time. there are nice spots here and there.

      1. If by delicious Asian food you include Indian food, I recommend Saffron. Technically in RTP than Durham but easy enough to get to.