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Mexican Food magazines are Awesome

If you have a Mexican Market in your area and you have a reasonable command of Spanish - I cannot implore to you more to look for the Magazine rack.

There is a series put out by Editorial Mango called Irresitible Platillos and they are stunning.

I picked up three yesterday at 2.50 each.
--Sardina y Nopal
-- Salsas y Molcajetes

Fascinating tradtional recipes and intriguing pairings.

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  1. Anyone interested in uniquely Mexican confections should check out Editorial Mango's "Irresistibles Gelatinas" for making Gelatin based masterpieces.

    Also, there are a couple of seasonal magazines that cite Vigilia or Cuaresma that specialize in Lenten dishes... which are good window Mexico's lighter fare.

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      EN have you ever heard of 'Don Porfirio' salsa?

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          Its the reason I think I bought this magazine:
          -Roasted garlic
          - orange juice
          - olive oil
          queso anejo

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            Nice... so its a bottled brand or a recipe?

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              - guajillo con mango y hoja santa
              -Picante con nuez
              -Jalapeno y guayaba
              -Picante con ajonjoli

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                  poblanos, tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapenos, cumin, oregano, chicken broth, olive oil

    2. -Pascal de chile ancho
      - siete chile
      -chipotle con charales

      1. Here are two amazing revistas I picked up at a supermercado chain in riverside county.

        1. My co-worker who is Mexican/Argentinian, brought back not only about half a dozen cooking magazines- she brought 2 full cookbooks when she visited family in Argentina last year. GORGEOUS color photos, and really interesting and delicious-sounding stuff. The baking cookbook was especially nice-looking.

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              do any of the magazines have a website?

            2. I found the website of radar editores which makes the great cocina pratica and delicas de.. series

              1. Thanks for the tip. I have never considered buying a Spanish magazine, but I do enjoy Latin foods - great way to get the real deal instead of the American version.

                If you need help translating, there are a lot of very useful websites out there (sometimes the grammar comes back a bit jumbled, but readable).

                I used http://www.freetranslation.com/ to help me translate a blog posting for pizza dough from Italian to English and I must say it is my favorite pizza dough recipe to date!

                1. KR, you need to talk to me. I've got a whole drawer full of these mags. I pick them up from Mexican news stands (and sometimes Sanborns, but they're more expensive there). Some of the titles I have are

                  Los Sabores de Navidad
                  Come Sanamente
                  Both of these are part of the Coleccion Paso a Paso
                  Ensaladas como Platillo Principal
                  Delicias de Carnes y Pescados Asados
                  Cocina con Sazon
                  Cocina Practica todo con Res
                  Recetas Practicas Capeados y Empanizados
                  Cocina Practica Mexicana Carnitas
                  Radar Editores Mas Pollo
                  Cocina con Pollo
                  Cocina Espical de Halloween
                  And more....

                  Kena Cocina puts out some outstanding culinary magazines
                  Sabor is kind of the Mexican equivalent to Gourmet. I like it alot. I'm not sure if they've got a web site or not, the last time I looked I couldn't find it, but it's been about 8 months.

                  The recipes in these magazines are deceptively simple. They also assume the reader actually knows how to cook ;-)

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                    Definitely - if I could borrow some to make copies - I would not only be eating well thanks to you but also reading well!

                    Ive got a mixiotes one that is spectacular - ancas de rana, escamoles con pinones, veneado.

                    I just picked up the series of Salsa - taquera, picantes, and guacamoles para tlacoyos from a couple of the stands just on the otherside of the revolving gate entering Tijuana on monday.