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Mar 7, 2008 09:38 AM

Dumb Question: Blue Room or the Palm?

I've got four college friends coming into town tonight. I'm the food snob of the bunch, but they all love to eat. We have reservations at both places.
These guys usually wind up going to chain restaurants when they travel. I've never been to the Blue Room, but have been dying to.
Steak seems like the safer choice, but help me out here.
What do you guys think? Where should I be taking them?

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  1. > We have reservations at both places.

    Ooh, that's a chow foul! Definitely cancel one as soon as you can.

    The food at Blue Room isn't weird or challenging, you'll be fine there with any but the most food-phobic. Currently on the menu is a skirt steak "wood-grilled with sauteed mushrooms, rosemary and sea salt, local potatoes and gorgonzola butter".

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      Just to clarify, I just found out about the Palm reservations. Not made by me. I made the Blue Room reservations. I'm looking to cancel one ASAP.

    2. Haven't been to the Blue Room but I certainly can recommend the Palm. I had some tremendous twin tenderloins there recently with great service at the bar. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked good.

      1. If location isn't an issue, I'll bet the Blue Room is more fun. The Palm is a little older customer - and I think it's somewhat pricier.

        1. Lets see, chain food factory or chef's-in-the-kitchen, owner is at the door restaurant? Cancel the Palm and support the local, caring delicious place.

          1. 1. Are they truly food phobic? In which case, go to Palm. Or do they just make easy safe choices when they're traveling and can't be bothered? In which case, show them something a little different and go to Blue Room.
            2. Is money any kind of issue at all? If so, go to Blue Room.
            3. Are you more interested in pleasing them or yourself?

            The one time I went to Palm, in Nashville, I was impressed with the quality, but felt it was way overpriced for essentially the same top shelf but not interesting steakhouse dinner I'd had a number of times in a number of places. (This is true of many high end steakhouses, in my opinion.)