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Mar 15, 2002 03:41 PM

Grand Luxe Cafe -Beverly Center

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I've searched the archieves and didn't find anything on this place. Maybe I spelled it wrong, because I totally remember seeing a thread here that included it. Has anyone been yet? It's the one that's owned by the Cheesecake Factory folks. There is another branch in the Venetian in LV.

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    torta basilica

    I remember a thread awhile back - not very complimentary - is it GrandE Luxe?

    1. The Venetian outpost is better (because then you are in Las Vegas).

      1. I had lunch here with my parents a couple of months ago. Nothing stands out in memory. I remember we had an assortment of sandwiches, soups, and salads, and all were satisfactory. No more, no less. The room is very Vegas-y (is that a word??) for LA. Kind of a cross between pseudo-elegant and pseudo-bordello. I'd go there again if I were in the center at lunchtime, but wouldn't make a special trip.

        1. Don't waste your time. Nothing spectacular. Very corporate-y food. Large portions of stuff you're tired of eating.

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            Perfect assessment. Unless you go further east on 3rd, that area is a vast cultural wasteland of chain food. CPK, Gaucho Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, Daily Grill, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, PF Changs.

            I had a hard time finding anything I wanted to eat on that huge menu.

          2. You couldn't pay me enough to dine in such a pretentious, absolutely hideous and not to mention self conscious corporate restaurant such as that dump. God, everytime I drive pass that huge facade and sign, I get nauseous.