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Mar 7, 2008 09:31 AM

Food in the World's Religions - Scarborough

Saw a poster for this and it looks interesting!
"Food in the World's Religions - Tasting the Eternal" by J.W. Windland, director of the Encounter World Religions Centre. At 7:00 pm on April 1 at 2685 Kingston Road (at Brimley) at the Scarboro Missions Interfaith centre. 416-261-7135 ext 296.

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  1. As a big fan of god i will definitely be going. but it is pretty far out there. want to car pool?


    1. Anyone going to this tonight? I will report back. I'm curious!

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        I just realized I never did report back on this food lecture. It was very interesting and the speaker went through several religions in "depth" before running out of time. However, there was no related food to sample after! (Probably because most of it is considered "holy" and not for common or every day consumption). Still, it was nice to feel part of the "solution" in terms of community-building among various cultural and religious groups in the GTA.