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Mar 7, 2008 09:22 AM

Lorenzo Pizza's Cheesesteaks?

I've been searching for the perfect cheesesteak in Center City/South Philly for when I visit in May. I read a great review for Lorenzo Pizza's cheeseteaks on roadfood ( but I also read a post here saying the place had "gone down the toilet."

Could anyone let me know if this is still a good option, or what other places may be in in Center City or South Philly for a good cheesesteak?

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  1. For me, Lorenzo's is all about a slice of pizza. For a cheesesteak while I was there I'd go next door to Georges.

    1. I live about a block away, so maybe I'm biased, but I think Lorenzo's cheesesteaks are fantastic. They're especially good if you go on an "off" time--ie not during one of the weekend rushes.

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          Does George's serve it w/cheez whiz? Or is that not really the way to go?

          1. re: brattpowered

            They do the cheez whiz differently from everyone else. They pour it on the meat on the griddle as it cooks. When it comes to whiz, I prefer it poured or laid on the meat in the roll. Pat's, Steve's, and Tony Luke's does it that way. Geno's and Jim's puts the whiz on the roll and then lays the meat on.
            If you can, try a whiz steak and try one with provolone or american.