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Mar 7, 2008 09:16 AM

Harbor Q in Port Washington, any reports?

Found out about this place from the attached website link, has anybody eaten there? Not a single mention on Chowhound. Menu looks good, they do it right," low and slow", some hound must have tried it.

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  1. Harbor Q!!! I was there just the other day I Found out about this place through a friend and it is AMAZING! let me tell you their baby back ribs was outa of this world, taste & texture. If you ever visit this place try their buffalo soldiers, good stuff.
    My family and I loved it!

    1. Anyone been recently - I am going to stop by this weekend.

      1. The food is wonderful. My favorites are the hawg wings, roasted and steamed chicken, southwest style rib eye steak, ribs (mmmm) and smoked sausage. The sides are the best. Mac & cheese, collard greens, baked beans and that cornbread!!! Great sangria, friendly staff and a relaxed, casual atmosphere make this a place you must try. Also, custom made salads and nice specials. It's next to the car wash. Go. You will love it.