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Mar 7, 2008 09:06 AM

March Madness [SEA]

Where is a good place to go to watch all the activities of March Madness? I have family coming into town, and my brother is a big basketball junky whose only request was to go to a bar with good beer and food.

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  1. Taphouse Grill ...or maybe People's Pub...PS. is your brother named Dale?

    1. I like Sport in Fisher Plaza for watching games, but their beer selection could use some help

      1. Assuming you're talking about Seattle, and your focused on Downtown...

        Fox Sports Grill has nice set up. (and decent Happy Hour food and drink choices)
        I watched some games at Spitfire Grill last year, that was fun.
        The Spectator in Queen Anne is pretty good.

        But overall, I have yet to find a place in Seattle that has the right combination of food, drink and sports. All fall short in one area or another.

        They all seem to be good food and/or drink places that have no sports vibe.
        Or sporty bars that just serve the bare minimum for food.

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          Sorry.... yes I am talking about Seattle!

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            I have to agree that a lot of places fall short in trying to combine food, drinks, and sports. Every time I have been in either Spitfire of Fox Sports Grill I have had the worst service imaginable, so they are off of my list for now

          2. The PI had a good competition a couple year's back called "Parched Madness." It rated sports bars. Check it out: If you search "Parched Madness" on their site you can read more detailed reviews.

            1. I'm a big sportsfan and I love sportsbars.

              I like going to the Ram.

              There are a ton of flat screen TV's(at least at the Northgate location).
              Good beer. Buttface amber is excellent.
              Decent food and service.

              It's a local mini-chain, but it's a fairly solid choice for sports/beer/food.

              There are probably places with better food, but when it comes to sportsbars, it's all about the TV's and beer.

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                I was at the Wing Dome on Greenwood. They just got new flat screen TVs. The beer and wings are good!