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Mar 7, 2008 08:59 AM

Birthday Dinner for 10 in Houston- Suggestions?

Hi Folks! I live in Austin, but am trying to pull together a last minute birthday dinner for my Dad's 60th in Houston next Friday night. Would love input from some of the local Chowhounds to come up with something special and memorable! There are a couple of parameters I'd like to work within:

1. Hoping to keep to between $30-75/person

2. As a group, we're not talking about terribly sophisticated or creative palettes. Dad is a traditional- strictly meat & potatoes, tex mex, "rustic" food fan (meaning, unfortunately, no sushi, pan asian, indian etc) AND- he's not a huge fan of Italian, so although I wouldn't completely cross it off the list, it probably wouldn't be our first choice.

3. A charming/interesting/comfortable atmosphere would be a big plus- nothing too intimidating or edgy...also, prefer no chain restuarants. I'd consider anywhere in metro Houston.

This is a tall order, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

***I would also consider Sunday Bruch as an alternative if there's something too great to miss that might offer more "bang for my buck". We just did Hugo's over the holidays; was great but would like to try something new....***

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. What part of town, ehill? Taste of Texas (I-10 just east of BW8) is always nice and I was part of a dinner for 12 there a few months ago and they handled it well. Standard meat and potatoes, no surprises, plenty for everyone to like, family oriented, and service was great. They have a nice private room you can reserve in advance. I dont know if they do anything special for a birthday, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

    1. How about traditional (mostly traditional, anyway) Gulf seafood in an attractive, upscale setting? We had a very nice meal at Danton's on Montrose a few weeks ago.

      1. Although pretty pricey, sunday brunch at Brennans is a big treat. I really like the good cocktails they pour as well. Stick to eggs benedict or eggs sardou.

        1. What about Churrasco's? There are two locations, one close in, the other on the west side of town. It's really good. Look up reviews on

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            Churrascos would be a very good choice.