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Mar 7, 2008 08:58 AM

Dinner off the 210 freeway

We are making the trek to Wrightwood tonight to be with Family. Leaving after work I know traffic is going to be bad so we were thinking to jump off the freeway and have dinner somewhere between the 605 and the 15 freeways. I know there is a good Italian place right after you get onto the 15 but we might try to eat before that. So any great ideas? willing to drive 10 to 15 min from the freeway. Any kind of food is great just want to be able to grab a glass of wine or beer with dinner. thx

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  1. There's a very worthwhile Peruvian place called Inka Trails in Claremont. It's virtually on the corner of Towne & Foothill (exit the 210 at Towne)...actually, just to the east of the intersection, on the North side of the street. They have good saltados & ceviche. They serve a tasty sangria, and also have wine & beer. Very reasonably priced; I think the mains top out around $11 or $12.

    1. This rec is on Irwindale - El Matador. Exit Irwindale, turn Right about a block before Arrow Highway on the left. Really good Mexican - small place. I order the Chilaquilles with the eggs over-easy on top (red sauce). They serve beer, not sure about wine.

      1. you got petrillos about 2 miles northwest of 210 ( grand ave north, 66 west ) then for major brownie points with the family, go east on 66 about 2-3 miles and buy a dozen donuts from donut man. if you need some serious cholestrol - hit northwood's on azusa, about 2 miles south of the 210. or go 1 mile north of the 210 off azusa - canyon city bbq. how about some tangy citrus-y chicken at dino's azusa south, west on arrow less than a mile, pick up a beer next door at 7-11 ( honest )

        1. Lately, I've been really liking a place called the Euro Cafe in Claremont, just north of the 210 on the corner of Baseline and Mills. Get off at Baseline, go west about a quarter of a mile, it's in the Von's shopping center. Portuguese food, pastas, paninis, and awesome deserts plus beer and wine. Very reasonable, under $10 per person. Great food and good service.

          1. Wow thanks this give me something to work with! I love chowhound!. I will report back on Monday. Cheers