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Mar 7, 2008 08:37 AM

Chameleon Cafe- Kid Friendly?

I have friends stopping thru Baltimore on their way to Bucks Co. at the end of the month. We are going to go to dinner and I was seeking a place to eat that would be kid friendly. I have only been to Chameleon Cafe once and wasn't really thinking about that aspect of it so I am seeking opinions. They have a 7 year old boy that is "fairly" well behaved... but he has his moments.

I recently moved to Lauraville so Chameleon is only a few blocks away. I know my friends won't want to deal with going into the city so anything else in the Lauraville vicinity would also be welcome. I am still new to the area so the great places I have discovered are not really sit down dinner places.

any ideas, opinions or suggestions greatly appreciated!!

thanks in advance...

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  1. Its been a year since I've been there, but I don't remember it being overly stuffy. I would take my 3 year old there. Not sure she's ready for Frog Legs yet though!

    1. How about Koco's which is not far from Chameleon. Very good crabcakes and kid friendly. different atmosphere than chameleon for sure but still fun.

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        They even have a kiddie corner with toys, crayons, etc.

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          Wow! Really? I haven't been inside there yet but I assumed it was mostly a "bar" with food service? that my be perfect my friend's favorite food in the whole world is crabcakes so she would be very pleased... so it is more of a restaurant than a bar?

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            It's both in typical B-more style but my 16 year-old has been going for 10 years along with lots of other area families. They have a typical kids menu, free popsicles, etc.

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              kocos is as much a restaurant as a bar and it's extremely informal... should be fine for a 7-year-old, and now there's no smoking!

        2. Its probably OK. I've seen kids in there, and the owners have two toddlers and are nice folks.

          1. we have taken our son there from the time he was an infant (he's 5 now, and he too has his moments), and the chameleon staff is invariably friendly and accomodating.

            (not that this is what you're after, but i just want to share that we went to charleston last year for an anniversary dinner and groaned when the table next to us was seated with a 2 year old -- but the parents whipped out a portable dvd player and the kid just watched a movie with headphones on while the grown ups worked their way through three courses. never made a peep.)

            1. There was an article in Baltimore Magazine (Oct. 06) with a write up about The Chameleon Cafe and it mentions that the Owner's daughter Gertie is now walking and continues that it makes the family atmosphere complete. I've eaten at Chameleon Cafe twice and once saw a boy of about 7 eating with his Mom. I would say that taking a child there should be ok. BTW - I just love their food - Michael Smith is a great Chef.

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                The chef's name is Jeff Smith, not Michael