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Mar 7, 2008 08:25 AM

Jalapeno @ King W. or La Hacienda @ Queen W.

The BF and I are doing Mexican tonight, we planned on going to La Hacienda, but now I'm wondering about Jalapeno.

If anyone has a preference, I'd love to hear it :) As well, I've not been to either restaurant so if someone could compare them i.e. menu/ambiance/price, it would be very helpful in deciding.


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  1. Jalapeno is a Mexican restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and about as authentic as you'll find in Toronto (not that that's saying much)...

    La Hacienda is a place to get drinks. It's best feature is it's back patio, which you won't be able to take advantage of...

    1. La Ha does great big heaps of pretty good Tex-Mex food, it's also pretty cheap and a little divey. Jalapeno is more formal, with really great food. Also about double the price of LaHa.

      1. I wanted to like La Hacienda, I went for brunch once a few years ago, food was nothing special, but I kinda liked the vibe, last summer I stopped in with the gf in the early afternoon, we sat on the patio and watched as the waiter fawned over at least a few members of the band Sloan and completely ignored us, walking past us to get to them no less than 6 times without a glance...20 min's of that and we left, I don't think they ever knew we were there...sorry, not worth a visit...

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          Well maybe he was a Sloan fan? :)

        2. Never been to La Hacienda but heard bad stuff about the food there.

          Jalapeno - good food (not cheap!). Be prepared to wait, though. Service is awful.

          1. Both definitely have their place in my life. I think the posters describe Jalepeno well - you can score a great meal there.

            La Hacienda on the other hand gets a bum rap. It is a fun place to hang out especially on the back deck in the summer. The waitstaff are very low key and efficient if you are able to be as relaxed. Not that they make you wait, but they aren't jumping around with enthusiasm. They are hanging out and serving your meal. It feels like a dive but it is clean and the food is top quality. The chicken burrito is very simple and the ingredients may sound strange (boring) but we find it to be very delicious and satisfying and great enuff to inspire cravings. It is made of white meat chunks of chicken, white cheese. some cabbage of some sort, lots of garlic and thats basically it! all wapped in a perfect wrap which becomes flaky and light after they toast the whole burrito prior to serving. Not a crappy heavy wrap found in most places. They also have a couple of salsas that add more heat and/or garlic. The nachos and the open faced burritos are great too. Juicy, tasty, great texture and filling for a bit of cash - love it! Served with brown rice and salad.