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Mar 7, 2008 08:08 AM

Gordes - Provence

We've rented a house in Gordes the first week in June and I'm searching for restaurant recommendations. I'm looking for restaurants within walking distance of the centre of Gordes (mainly because i don't want to have to drive after a few glasses of nice vino..)

On my list so far is Le Clos de Gustave, La Mas des Romarins, La Bastide of Gordes. Any other rec's.

Could we walk to Le Feme de la Huppe - looks fab given previous posts but not sure how far 'outside Gordes' it is.

Also, would you recommend making lots of bookings prior to the trip, or is there enough selection in Gordes to just find a restaurant most nights?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's been a while, but Mas de Tourturon was terrific -- and you can eat in the beautiful garden. We didn't book too far in advance -- maybe a couple of days. It probably depends on when you're there and if it's the height of tourist season.

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      Yes, Le Mas Tourterons is great. We went for lunch, which may be what you should do if you don't want to drive at night. It can be difficult, trying to get back up those winding hills after dinner and wine. Will you be heading farther east into Haute Provence? There are some great restaurants in the beautiful town of Moustier Ste. Marie. Worth the trip for the scenery and the food.

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        Thanks to you both for the reply. We will try Le Mas Tourterons - from everything I've read it is a must. We are a bit hemmed in because we are taking our 16 month old daughter (with nanny), so need to stay close to Gordes. Any thoughts on whether we can survive eating in Gordes every night for a week? Are there enough restaurants? Should we prebook?

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          We spent only a half day in Gordes and had the one lunch, so I don't know much about the other restaurants. I see Bastide de Gordes gets a good review in Gault-Millau. I would book in advance whenever possible. Even if a restaurant is not full, restaurateurs always appreciate knowing how many customers they are likely to have and I always feel I get a nicer welcome when I've reserved. For simpler bistros and cafes there is usually no need to book ahead.

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            Gordes is very popular and therefore supports quite a large number of restaurants so you may be OK for a week. However, i suspect a lot of them are quite basic and expensive for what they are, so a few trips out will probably be sensible.

            We stopped for lunch last year and had quite a good meal under the trees in a little square off the main road. From memory there are a few restaurants in this square, the one we chose was in the corner. It was perfectly fine for a relaxing lunch - typical French lunch fare.

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              I just recalled another restaurant where we had a wonderful lunch on a more recent trip to the Luberon. I hadn't realized that it was only a few miles from Gordes. It is Le Mas des Herbes Blanches, just outside of Joucas. The view from the terrace was magnificent and the food and service perfect. We did not book ahead, and though they were gracious I had the feeling they would have appreciated if we had called ahead. It would be a good idea to call in the morning or the day before. The nearby Hostellerie Le Phebus also has a Michelin star, and both Herbes Blanches and Phebus are rated 2 toques in Gault-Millau. As the best restaurants seem to be the ones outside of the town, I think your best bet is to make lunch your main meal and have a simple dinner in town.