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Mar 7, 2008 07:41 AM

Wings in North East, PA

Around 1990, I was in North East for work for a few months. While there, I had loads of garlic-and-butter wings from a place on the southeast corner of Lake and Main, kitty corner from the park. I believe the place was called Parkside.

As I can't find the place, I'm going to assume it has closed but I was hoping someone could confirm.

I was also hoping someone could tell me: I heard rumors that this place was a branch of a place in Erie. Might that place still be around?

And if not, does anyone have any recommendations for anything resembling garlic-and-butter wings for a friend of mine who will be traveling thru the area.

Many thanks!

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  1. UPDATE: It turns out the place has changed hands and is now ...

    > Speed'eez Bar and Grill
    > 1 East Main Street
    > NE, Pa. 16428
    > Phone 814-725-9933

    Still, I wonder, is there a sibling in Erie?

    1. Sounds like Fat Boys. They had 2 locations one in Erie and one in Northeast. They have been closed for a couple years. However, the former Snoozies pub that is on Rt 5 between harborcreek and northeast has great wings, Bootleggers. Sunday and Monday are wing special days, they are big and they have a lot of good and some different flavors like sweet japaleno!

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      1. re: jazzedaboutsomething

        Do you know if Fat Boys had butter and garlic wings? Those were the wings I remember form the place in Northeast.

        In the meantime, I'll pass along word of this new place (Bootleggers), thanks!

      2. The place you are talking about is Speed'eez, they have butter and garlic along with 26 other flavors. They also have boneless country style ribs and the baby back ribs you can use any of the wing flavors for. If you like butter and garlic you would love the garlic parm ranch flavor. Speed'eez in North East is not affiliated with any resturaunts in Erie. They have wing specials throughout the week!

        1. Before anybody busts my chops about this post being old, I started it, and I can end it.

          And now I can.