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Mar 7, 2008 07:36 AM

Chowhound presentation/crawl at PCA/ACA? [moved from San Francisco board]

I'm on the DC board and planning to attend a conference in SF later this month. According to our conference program one of the special presentations is a talk by SF chowhounds including David Feldman, followed by a food crawl.

Travel Culture: Chowhounds in San Francisco
Thursday, March 20, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Yerba Buena Salon 1
This presentation by area “Chowhounds” (from the website) will be followed by an eating tour of some nearby favorite eateries as selected by the Chowhounds themselves.
Chair: David Feldman, Independent Scholar

Can anybody provide more specific info about places to visited/topics to be discussed?
Thanks, shellymck

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    1. As far as I know, the crawl is a Chinatown tour that yimster is putting together. It should be fun -- be sure to say hi and introduce yourself. As you probably know, Dave Feldman (of New York) is a loooooong time participant on Chowhound (mostly NY and Southwest/Las Vegas boards). I'm not sure what the panel topic is going to be ....

      1. Actually, I don't know the names of the places we are visiting, but Yimster has at least four places in mind:

        a Chinese deli specializing in meats (we'll sample a barbecue platter)
        a live fish market
        a bakery which combines a Western oven "with Chinese ideas on bread"
        a fortune cookie factory

        I've been presenting discussions of food and travel for the past three national conventions. I hope you'll be able to come to our very informal discussion and/or the walking tour, and as Ruth said, please say hi.

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          Excellent. Thanks for replying. I can only come for the talk as I'm speaking the same day but my husband is already licking his lips.


          1. re: shellymck

            I will have a handout the day of meeting. Still working on the list. I did not want to steal Dave's show. I just there to help out Dave.

            1. re: yimster

              Is this only for attendants of the conference, or can others attend as well?

              1. re: chemchef

                Though I've never attended this particular conference before academic conferences are pretty flexible on attending presentations and generally require registration badges only for the book exhibit.

                1. re: chemchef

                  Theoretically, I believe the panels are for attendees, but in practice I think shellymck is right. If you (or anyone else) is interested in attending, why don't you email me (my email address is on my profile).

                  I don't want to oversell the panel. I was more interested in conveying to non-Chowhounds what our subculture is like than anything else. For the past three years, I've been presenting talks on the relationship between food and travel at the Popular Culture Assn. This time, I consider myself primarily a moderator, Melanie Wong, Ruth Lafler, and Cyrus Farivar will be the Bay Area Chowhounds participating in the panel, and of course Yimster is leading a walking tour, which I'm looking forward to immensely.