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It's time for Peeps!

I know the usual debate is - stale or not? (I lean towards the slightly stale version myself).

However, have you ever thought about where Peeps fit into everyday life? Football games? Fast food runs? Movies? Ordinary peeple activities?

Well, obviously someone has. Check out this gallery of pictures of Peeps put into various situations - hysterical! I have to say my favorites were Dita von Peep, Chia Peeps, Peep on the Pot, and "I Think I've Found Your Problem, Ma'am". :-)

There are 139 of them....someone had WAY too much time on his/her hands! LOL


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  1. Slightly stale, though I only eat about one peep a year. Bunny shaped.

    The bunny shaped ones have another use. Make waffles and after pouring batter on the NONSTICK iron, stick a bunny in the middle. Close lid. When waffle is done, a crusty sugar bunny shaped hole will be in the middle of the waffle. Children love this trick.

    1. Have you ever put one in the microwave?

      1. I'm not that keen on plain Peeps (though I prefer mine stale and chewy).

        What I have been doing is Peeps Mash Ups - take a fresh Peep, pull it apart and mash it into other things like chocolate chips, cereal, cookie crumbs, etc.


        1. I can't believe I looked at all those peep pictures! I like Peep Fiction the best. I have never had a peep and had no idea they had such a cult following.

          1. Does anyone have a method for hardening Peeps fairly swiftly? Maybe putting them in a dehydrator? I much prefer them hard and chewy but I'm impatient by nature.

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              fromagina - to dehydrate a peep overnight open the package (just a slit in the plastic wrap) and place in the freezer overnight. Don't leave in there any longer or else they'll absorb odors.

              The dehumidifier in the freezer sucks the moisture right out of them.

            2. You should do a search on peeps jousting on youtube.

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                  This is an oldie but a goldie - Peeps research: http://www.peepresearch.org/

                  I found it comforting to know in grad school that there were others out there as skilled at devoting their skills to anything but the work that needed to be done!

                  1. re: JennaL

                    Glad you posted this! I was in college when this came out and oh boy - what fun. We had our own experiements. Blue peep got BIG.

                    in other news - my favs are # 58 Iron Peep; #120 the last peeper; # 134 Nightpeeps # 170 Eat Peep Love #171 Peep Plumber

              1. Ha. Someone really DID have too much time on their hands. I love Peeps though. Fresh out of the box though, definitely not stale.

                1. hard as a rock is the way to go. Like months after Easter has passed. Then you suck off their little heads first. But I have never seen the green peep birds

                  1. Peeps gp national! (YES!! - more pictures)

                    (apologies..this is a clip'n'paste)