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Mar 7, 2008 07:31 AM

Restaurant in San Juan, PR for Bachelor Party

I am helping plan a bachelor party for a friend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I would like recommendations for fun, trendy restaurants with good food in and around San Juan. We are staying at the Ritz, so the closer to the hotel, the better.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. if you are loooking for fun trendy restaurants with good food and good ambiance and are open to continue partying throught the night I would recommend you to head over to Old San Juan's SoFo district...there are a bunch of good places such as Taste Global Cuisine...Dragonfly...Marmelade....Parrot Club...Aguaviva...Sonné...Tantra...Basiliko...Fratelli...Toro Salao'...all have pretty good food, they are all very trendy spots, and the bars are open until late..
    .closer to the Ritz I would only recommend going to Club Brava which is a very trendy club and opens thursday through Saturday...
    I would try to stay away from the Ritz's restaurants...

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      as far as staying away from ritz mulino is just too fancy for a group of guys, although it is legit and the biggest portions of italian food ever...BLT Steak is HOT...i mean not a great scene for a crew of guy, but if u want a legit steak in PR...BLT is the best..

    2. and if you need any help with any other bachelor party spots in San Juan i'll let you know...

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        Many thanks for the great suggestions. After doing some research, I'm leaning towards DragonFly. It looks like it has the best combination of scene/cuisine. How far is it from the Ritz?

        Would you recommend going out in the SoFo district after eating at DragonFly or coming back to Club Brava after dinner? It sounds like the bar scene at DragonFly is pretty solid.

        Thanks again.

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          not sure if you left yet for the bachelor party..29 year old from boston here...have stayed at the ritz PR 7 times in the last 4 years....have eaten at pretty much every restaurant...dragon fly is good, loud and electric...sushia and sashimi no where as good as your gonna find in boston or new york, but it is decent enough...u can stay in old san juan, but all the places are small, and your gonna get more the mid 20's late 20's crowd..brava is big.went to the opening night party there when the hotel changed names and they re-did it (use to be club babylon), i think you will find a bigger selection of 21-25 year old girls at club brava...not sure what trouble your looking to get the bachelor into

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            Thank you so much for your input. I feel a lot more comfortable with my decision to go to Dragonfly. Brava sounds like our kind of spot. If you have any other dining or drinking recommendations, I'm all ears.