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Mar 7, 2008 07:09 AM

Theater District/Times Sq with Kids

Will be staying at Marriot in Times Sq Easter Sunday and need dinner suggestions that night and next for family of 4 (kids 7&10). (Think you can walk into Carmine's that Sunday at 5:30 and get seated?) Have seen some posts but welcome other dining suggestions for this area. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I know that many people here don't like it, but I enjoyed the 2 times I went to Virgil's for BBQ. I also have heard that BOND 45 is not bad. However, I'm sure that there will be many other suggestions very soon after my post. In any event don't go to a chain like Friday's or Lindy's that are right in that area. Food is not good, service is horrible and the prices are nearly double those of the same name restaurants in other areas. In other words, very touristy.

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      Definitely Virgil's. Not the best bbq in a city whose offerings in this regard have improved a lot recently, but still very good and perfect for kids. Try the hush puppies...

      Another alternative that fits the same mold (i.e., not the best in NYC but still very good and great for kids) would be John's Pizza in Times Square. A bit further west, I like Don Giovanni's wood-fired pizza on 45th off 9th, which would be good for kids, too.

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        I agree with you abut Virgil's and John's. Both solid choices in the area, especially if you have kids.

    2. Ellen's Stardust Diner - I've taken groups of kids there every year, and they always like it, because the entertainment is good. The food's not great, though.....

      1. Whatever you decide for Easter Sunday, do not even think of going without a reservation.

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          Ruby Foo's right on Times Square.

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            Are you saying that there would be no problem walking into Ruby Foo's on Easter Sunday without a reservation?

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              Sorry RGR. Did I miss something? I didn't notice the poster saying that she didn't wish to do reservations. I only saw her ask about walking in to Carmine's without one.
              Also, I thought she was asking for another evening as well as for Easter Sunday.
              But maybe I misinterpreted her post. I 've certainly been wrong before.
              Thank you for calling it to my attention.

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                You are absolutely correct that the o.p. also asked about the following day when reservations might not be so vital.

                The only reason I posted what I did is that you piggy-backed your post on mine, so it sounded, at least to me, as though you were saying it was fine to walk into Ruby Foo's on *Easter Sunday."

                I think the confusion, as least in my mind, would have been avoided if you had posted in direct answer to the o.p. post instead of mine. :-)

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                  I never even saw your particular post. I only posted "in line" as a response to the OP. I guess that's where Chowhound placed my post.

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                    Chowhound doesn't "place" your post. You do. When you post "in line," you are answering the post immediately preceding yours. In this case, that was mine. In order to answer the original post, you have to scroll back up to the top and hit "Reply" on the o.p.

        2. Go to Carmine's. I know it can be considered a "tourist trap" but the food is solid, it's close and satisfy adults and children. The hot antipasti is quite good.

          1. You can also try Tony's DiNapoli's for Italian on West 43rd between 6th & 7th avenue. It is very similar to Carmine's and would be perfect for your young children. I agree with others who suggest staying away from chains especially Apple Bee's and Friday's which have inflated prices. Bond 45 is very good but definitely not for young children. I agree that Virgil's is also a good choice. Ruby Foo's would be a good place too but I wouldn't recommend going without a reservation.


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              Thanks for the input. I agree that my original post was a bit unclear...We do know to avoid the AppleBees etc. that some have noted. We live near Lambertville, NJ so we're used to some pretty decent restaurants even if it's a bit out there. I have a reservation for Carmine's on Monday (nothing was available Sunday) but might prefer going there on Sunday that's why I asked about chances on 'walking in' earlier that day. Virgil's sounds good and I'll see what's available over those 2 days. Thanks

              1. re: giant99


                If you are looking for really good Italian food, I highly recommend Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av. The well-prepared homestyle fare is served by a friendly, efficient staff in a space that has attractive decor and well-spaced tables. You might be able to snag a table just walking in on Easter Sunday, but I wouldn't count on it.


                Btw, I love Lambertville, and you are so right that there are some really excellent retaurants there. :-)