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Mar 7, 2008 07:02 AM

Simple Tastes for a Simple...sigh

What did you think about this? I heard about their lunch meeting on the radio, and thought, "Hmm. I wonder what they'll eat." I thought maybe something rugged American but still classy, involving a nice cut of beef (made with a balsamic marinade), a side of bright, snappy asparagus, and maybe some sort of dumb-but-delicious, baked cheesy-potato thing (with crispy bits). Chocolate pots de creme for dessert.

So, this news had me smacking my forehead.

Anyway. Without naming any names, what would /your/ ideal president serve to a bigwig candidate-of-the-same-party for lunch?

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  1. ....well, hot dogs are relatively maybe they consider it to be fiscally responsible.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'm sorry, but chocolate pots de creme is rugged American?

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        1. re: Blueicus

          Maybe not, but I can picture ol' W. licking the spoon and maybe getting some on his face and not noticing.

        2. Balsamic marinade? Chocolate pots de creme? No. Not them.
          Last week, Sen. McCain was grilling the ribs himself at his cabin for the traveling media.
          And yes, that's a great lunch. What lots of regular Americans were eating at just about the same time that the President and Senator McCain were having lunch. That makes them pretty down to earth folks in my book.

          1. Chili is nice for a winter day, and certainly unpretentious. And it's versatile -- you can make it vegetarian if necessary, you can make it fancier with garnishes, you can make it super-spicy, or not. The classic for dessert would be pie.