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Mar 7, 2008 06:55 AM

Grand Cayman for a week

We're heading to Grand Cayman for a week and would love some dinner suggestions. I'll have 4 teenagers with me who will eat anywhere but we'd love some fun places to take them. Good food, but nothing too formal or uptight. Any suggestions?

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    1. The big hotels have some good restaurants, but are more formal and pricier. Had a great meal at 7 at the Ritz, but it was expensive.

      For less formal with teenagers - Coconut Joe's, Hammerheads, and Rackhams. Hammerheads and Rackhams are almost right next to each other and have outdoor seating with nice water views.

      If you have a rental car, make sure to go to Rum Point for lunch (at least) one day. Very nice and relaxing beach area with chaise lounges and hammocks scattered around that has tasty food and a beach bar.

      Pappagallo has a nice location and makes their own pasta, but you will need a car or taxi to get to them.

      1. So where did you end up going and how were they?

        My wife and I are heading to Grand Cayman for a week in a couple of weeks. We made reservations at Calypso Grill (Mon), Grand Old House (Wed), and Blue (Fri).

        Looking forward to the trip and delights.