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Mar 7, 2008 06:53 AM

Weekday lunches @ Hwy 7/Weston Rd.

I've recently begun buying my lunch for work the last several weeks (a few days a week). To be quite honest, most of the time, i end up getting fast food (pizza, burgers, sandwiches). With the most healthy being Quizno's...

I'm kind of sick of it and want to know if there are good sandwich/hot lunch places to grab a quick bite (takeout). I've seen several in the area, but aren't sure about the prices or their quality either... although, i'm almost positive that they should be better than the average fast food.

Anyhow, I'd be willing to go 1 block in each direction - making a square block of (407, pine valley, rutherford, and 400).

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  1. I have a few spots to suggest to you....I am just out of that square block (am near Sams Club), so I will try to give you all of the ones that I can remember. By far, my favourite in your block is Culinary Passion, which is located at 253 Jevlan Drive. They have a small hot table but with lots of options. You can have great sandwiches, soups, pastas, meat dishes, bbq chicken sometimes too! And Marco and Paul (the owners) are very nice guys). Their prices are very reasonable as well. You will be able to get a lunch plate + a drink for about $10.
    There is also Dolce & Salato (I can't remember the exact address, but it is near Quizno's at Langstaff and Weston) They are in the same plaza as New Bridal.
    There is Ice Cream Patio where you can get takeout pasta, sandwiches and pizza. Their bruschetta pizza is very good, as are some of their pastas.
    Ginza (Japanese) is at Langstaff and Weston too, and although I do not like them as much as Yang's Teppanyaki & Sushi (in front of Vaughan Mills), it is still good, standard Japanese food.
    If I think of any others, I will let you know.

    1. Teriyaki experience is in the mall at Hwy 7 & Weston rd.
      Ricci's Pizza at Langstaff & Weston rd. I get the veal sandwich and the wife gets a nice rigatoni dish.

      1. The place I really like for great panzerotti- you must go early, or fantastic pizza slices that are homemade and different (ie zucchini and mozerella) is Aida's Bakery. It's at Strata and Rowntree Dairy (just south of Hwy 7 and also off Pine Valley) It's in the same place as Romano's restaurant.

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          so i went to aida's bakery for lunch today ... since it was the closest of the recommendations .... it's a nice bustling place ... i presume it was busy because it was lunch time ... but many ppl were buying their fresh breads ....

          i was recommended by the lady, who helped me, to have a pork/tomato sandwich (since i wanted something meaty)... it had some peppers in it and was quite moist and tasty! i also got a almond/raisin pastry ... which was different from anything i've had!... i will continue to check out what they have ....such as their panzerotti

          has anyone been to mega bites?.. they're across the street from aida's bakery

        2. i'll try to check out these places u guys recommended..... i'm looking for sub $10 takeout lunches ... which all of these seem like they are ..... i'm kinda excited to try them!

          looks like there's more italian takeout than i thought in this area... i went to california sandwiches for their veal cutlet sandwich and i was surprised at the portion!... they're quite busy tho!

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          1. does anyone know if there are any vietnamese restaurants for pho in this area?

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              I'm sure that there are more, but the only one that I know of is Pho 88 (I think) that are in the plazas in front of Vaughan Mills. (in the same plaza as montana's). It is not the best pho that I've ever eaten but it hits the spot on a cold day when you are craving it.