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Mar 14, 2002 03:15 PM

Culver City/Palms Resturants?

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Does anyone know of any good resturants in the culver city / Palms area. Looking for either dine in or take out.



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  1. Lots of good restaurants in the area. The ones that come to mind are mostly ethnic: Guelaguetza at National & Sepulveda (Oaxacan), Versailles at Venice & Motor (Cuban), Hu's at National & Rose (Chinese), Natalie Thai at Clarington & Venice. And all are eat in and take out.

    1. You might try the Brazilian duo on Venice, just west of Overland: Zabumba and Cafe Brasil. These are plated menus, not the churrascaria approach. You can't get a real caipirinha at either, but the food's good.

      1. Don't forget Titos Tacos!

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          Yum, can't think of going to culver city without visiting Tito's tacos!

        2. I personally like Hu's Szechwan at Rose and National, where National curves around.

          1. I really like EMERALD for Thai food on Venice in CC.