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Mar 7, 2008 06:19 AM

Out to dinner in Chicago?

Where can I take a college student for a great kosher dinner in Chicago? From the web I gather most restaurants are in Skokie. I hope for good food, relaxed pace, comfortable atmosphere, decent service and an acceptable glass of wine! Any type of cuisine is ok. Some reviews would be much appreciated. Is Shallots worth the freight? DiNali's has gotten positive notice on this board. Taboun Grill in north Chicago gets good reviews on Shamash.

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  1. For meat:
    T'aboun Grill in my opinion has some of the best kosher food in Chicago - the atmosphere is relaxed and can be a bit noisy at time but the food is excellent.

    Shallot's also is good even though I have not been there since Chef Laura Frankel has left - the word I get is the food is still quite good - it is definitely pricier and the atmosphere is definitely more sedate - other choises you also have are Hy Life Bistro, the sister restaurant to Slice of Life - I have heard is good as well (I have not gone) but is pricey and there is also Ken's Diner - which I enjoy - the burgers are excellent especially the 'Bay-Ken' burger with beef fry -

    for dairry: D'Nali's is probably your best bet - pizza is very good - the restaurant like Ta' Boun can get noisy but still enjoyable and relaxed - another choise is Slice of LIfe but the problem I have had with them is they can be inconsistent - when they are on they are excellent but when they are off they are only mediocre at best -

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      T'aboun it is. Thanks for the report!

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        T'aboun is a busy place with great Israeli style grills and salads, and the nicest owners and staff. Thanks for the recommendation - we enjoyed it!

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          glad to hear it - as I said one of my favorites and have never had a bad meal there -