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Best Sushi in Bethesda

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I've eaten at Raku a few times and like it, and someone recommended Matuba. Would you pick one of these or is there somewhere else we should try for dinner?

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  1. i like Tako Grill on Wisconsin. very fresh fish! their rolls are a little uninventive but still very good

    1. We consistently enjoy Aji Nippon on Arlington and find it underrated. Tako is good and Matuba has been "meh" the last couple times. Hinata is great for carryout.

      1. I agree with the other posters. Tako Grill seems to have the freshest fish. hinata is a steal for takeout- and great quality- but closes at 7.

        1. I really like Aji Nippon, great "mom and pop" place with consistenly good food at a value. Tako would be my next in line. Matuba is OK, I do think better than Raku.

          1. I can't get past the bento boxes at Raku to try their sushi! lol, but I do like Matuba fwiw.

            1. Tako Grill and Matuba, two of my favorites, will try Aji nippon thanks for the reccomendation.

              1. pesonally, i would rank them as"

                Raku > Hinata > Aji Nippon > Tako Grill > Matuba

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                  i love Raku, and their sashimi is great, but their rolls are uninventive and do nothing for me.

                2. Just spotted--A brand new, large sushi restaurant, Donraku, is being built in the former Cafe Europa, at the southeast corner of Norfolk and St. Elmo.

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                    Yes I believe its Duraku....they have places in Miami and Hawaii. As far as best in bethesda....I would have to go with Raku. But close by in Friendship Heights I would give Murasaki the edge over all the places I have tried in the bethesda/chevy chase area. The best in the entire area I have tried is Yuraku in germantown.