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Mar 7, 2008 05:55 AM

Daryl Wine Bar - New Brunswick

Anyone ever eaten here?

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    1. Others have posted on this forum....the majority like it.

      Daryl offers a large number of wines by the glass. Served from the Enomatic (spelled right?) which is a dispensing system system that keeps the wine under inert gas. You can get 2, 4 or 6 oz pours...what is really great is they offer a 1/2oz tasting glass....the staff is knowledgable about the wines and freely offer a taste of whatever they have

      You can purchase bottles of whatever is on the wine list at their attached wine store. This is unusual and I am unaware of any other restaurant that offers this type of service. Many if not most of the wines are difficult to find at a liquor store. The retail prices are quite reasonable.

      The food is eclectic. If you have eaten at any of David Drake's other restaurants you can clearly see his influenece but that is paired with the Spanish influences of his partner chef Juan Carlos.

      Food is mainly served on small plates. like tapas, sharing is encouraged. There are also main course entrees available

      Some people do not like the small portions and complain it is too expensive for what they get...but I am not sure they understand the concet of the is like tapas. I believe the majority of the offerings are in the $10 range. If you and a dinner companion order say, 6 plates it may cost about $60...which is quite reasonable for an opportunity to eat six different items. and is is more than enough food.

      The other complaint that was heard when they first opened was service....yes it was a bit rusty at first as is any restaurant that is new....service has smoothed out and is just fine now as they are hitting their stride.

      Again, some people have a real hard time with new restaurants....personally I think it fun to go when places are new then go back every so often to see how it has changed.

      Menu has been changed a bit since they opened.....the gnudi are fantastic, similar to gnocchi but flled with ricotta and coated with an intense lobster sauce and carmelized onions....make iteasy on yourself and oreder two portions from the start

      Just one person's opinion