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Mar 7, 2008 05:46 AM

Dallas -- Deep Ellum -- Dinner Options

I will be in Dallas next week staying at the Westin City Center at 650 N. Pearl Street and would really appreciate a few dinner recommendations in the Deep Ellum area. I recall staying in downtown Dallas before and walking to Deep Ellum and having a great dinner somewhere in that area. Its an easy walk from the Westin to Deep Ellum isn't it??

Interested in casual atmosphere, but really good food for myself and a few associates. Interested in all cuisines and price points. Interesting, unique and inventive cooking would be great. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. I wouldn't walk to Deep Ellum from the Westin - it's not that far, but it's under the freeway and a sketchy area. Personally I would take a cab.

    Monica's is great Mexican (true Mexican, really). Also straight up Tex-Mex at Pepe and Mito's.

    I like Cafe Brazil; very casual, good sandwiches (their bread is amazing) and great for people watching as people stumble in from the clubs for coffee.

    1. BL,

      You ate at the Green Room which has since closed, sadly :(. There is a great burger place (not inventive cooking or cusine) but they do have some unique options! Twisted Root Buger Co. - Buffalo burger with fried green beans and housemade rootbeer!

      I would try out Mis Cazuela at the end of Deep Ellum at 4202 Main St for some great Tex-Mex Mex-Mex options. Their corn tortillas are freshly made as are the corn gorditas. I have never had a bad meal here.

      O ther than those two I would suggest places in Lakewood/East Dallas or some in the Uptown area.

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        I'd try Local, I had a pretty nice dinner there. It's moderately upscale but not outrageous. Good drinks, good but accessible food. I'd recommend the "steak and eggs" appetizer if available.

        1. re: luniz

          I second local- very cool atmosphere and creative food.

          1. re: bt1984

            Oh yes, Local is great. Please take a cab. Sadly, Deep Ellum is not what it used be a few years back.

        2. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I second the emotion on Twisted Root.... its VERY "deep ellum: and lots of fun, Excellent burgers, and a laid-back vibe. Ive only been there for lunch, but I would imagine that in the evening its even a bit more fun. I agree that you should not try to walk there... and be selective about your parking. I was only there for an hour, and parked in one of those lots where you put your $ in a numbered box. Even thought I did pay for my parking I got a nasty note anyway. On a rental car, you needn't be concerned, but just a caveat.... Twisted is worth the trouble, and there is the Angry Dog bar across the street for afterwards. Hmmm... just read the post below about them maybe not being open at night... better call ahead.

          For something more upscale, try Abacus, or Strong's Everyday Tavern. They are not in Deep Ellum, but close to downtown.

          1. Deep Ellum has esentially been abandoned by the city of dallas (until the light rail and multimillion dollar condo developments arrive).

            Sadly, if you come on a weeknight Twisted Root will not be open to serve you one of its awesome burgers (a telling sign of what's happend to Deep Ellum).

            Local's a good choice for DE, but since the area is absolutely nothing like it was a few years ago, you may as well venture out somewhere else. You'll only be a few blocks from Stephen Pyles (downtown), or the many choices in Uptown/Victory Park (you'll find posts on these areas ad nauseam in the archives).

            Good luck (especially if you're walking)!