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Mar 7, 2008 05:17 AM

Sit down in ATL airport

I will soon have a 4 hour layover in ATL airport around lunch time and
would appreciate any suggestions for decent restaurants (not fast food)

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  1. Take the airport train to the Terminal stop (Ticketing, Baggage Claim). Pascal's in the Atrium (top of escalator to the left) is an old-school Atlanta meat-and-three. The Paschal brothers fed the Civil Rights movement at their now-defunct Atlanta restaurant. The tradition lives on at Hartsfield-Jackson, thought. Excellent fried chicken and deliciously over-cooked Southern vegetables. Sweet tea to rot your teeth! And, the Atrium is far more relaxing than being out on the Concourses.

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    1. re: aka frank

      Do you have to leave security to get to Pascal's? I've been searching for decent food at ATL, but I've only found bad chains. The airport really needs to get its act together in that regard.

      1. re: tennreb

        To get to the Paschal's in the Atrium, yes, you'll have to go back through screening. There's another Paschal's in the middle of Concourse A but there's always a line and seating is cramped and limited. The Atrium is a pleasant way to kill some time. There's usually an art exhibit in the there can also take the train out to Concourse E and check out the artwork (the transportation mall between A and B has amazing African stone carvings...).

    2. I think 4 hours gives you plenty of time to take one stop on MARTA and have lunch at The Pecan on Main St. in College Park...very good upscale southern.
      Closed on Monday and Saturday for lunch.

      1. Thank you for your responses....I think I'll give Pascal's a try!