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Mar 14, 2002 02:02 PM

Cirxa on Sunset Blvd?

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Has anyone been to this Cajun restaurant on Sunset Bl. near Hyperion? I'm interested in trying it. Any recommended dishes?
Thank You

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  1. It's a decent Silver Lake restaurant alternative, but can be a little spotty. The ribs were very ordinary. Most people seem to like the gumbo so that's what I would recommend. The greens are undercooked, but not bad. The softshell crab sandwich was actually quite tasty. Like many Silver Lake neighborhood-type restaurants, it feels like they didn't quite finish thinking through the concept and the food. Let us know what you think!

    1. my husband loves it. i don't. i'm the picky one. been there once but i wouldn't waste my time going back.

      nearby, in a strip mall, near millie's, is allegria. not at all what you asked about, but fantastic, fresh mexican food, esp for breakfast. for delicious food in that neighborhood, i would go to allegria over cirxa every day.

      1. I think the food is really good. Service is okay. Nice place to hang out. I do reccomend.